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CAAs Taking ACTION in Response to COVID-19 (5/4 edition)

NPR Highlights Community Action’s Changing Terrain with COVID-19 – Maine CAAs Chosen by Governor to Run $5M COVID-19 Rent Relief Program – KY State Association to Distribute $2M+ from Kentucky COVID-19 Fund – CAA Creates COVID-19 Express Business Loan Fund – Partnership with Delivery Service Using Volunteer Drivers – Masks for the Masses Using Volunteers & Donated Material

CAAs Taking ACTION in Response to COVID-19 – Special Edition of VirtualCAP RoundUP – April 2020

COVID-19 Community Resource Clearinghouses – Advocacy: COVID-19 & Low-Income Needs – Housing Assistance – Homeless Services – Child Care Services – Transportation – Food & Nutrition Assistance Plus two bonus sections: The Inequality of the Pandemic: Poverty, Race, Immigrants and Reaching Out to Those Facing Food Insecurity at this Time