A National Resource to Support Excellence in Community Action

Business Development Services

CAP Services has established a broad range of community and economic development efforts to help low-income individuals increase their self-sufficiency and to benefit the communities in which they live.

Cass River Enterprises

The Human Development Commission established Cass River Enterprises to generate revenue for the agency while addressing needs of the general public, as well as enhancing the local economy and improving the lives of area residents.

Center for Employment Training

Total Action for Progress (TAP) established a Center for Employment Training to provide education and skill training needed to enhance an individual’s marketability to enter today’s workforce.

Establishing Effective Workforce Development Programs

The Massachusetts Association for Community Action has published a Resource Guide on Establishing Effective Workforce Development Programs to help Community Action Agencies and others in their efforts to assist individuals in moving toward self-sufficiency.

Housing and Community Facility Development

Garrett County Community Action Committee has developed extensive affordable housing ventures, as well as community and commercial facilities, to improve the quality of life for County residents. GCCAC is also supporting small local towns in creating and implementing strategies for revitalizing business districts and neighborhoods.

How To Manuals: Community Economic Development

The Center for Community Economic Development Assistance is a centralized national resource center for nonprofit organizations engaged in community economic development. Seventeen How To Manuals have been published in partnership with the Community Action Partnership National Office.

Micro-Enterprise Resource Center

The Montgomery County Community Action Development Commission established the Micro-Enterprise Resource Center to provide entrepreneurial training to individuals interested in starting or expanding a business.

People Incorporated Financial Services

People, Inc. developed People Incorporated Financial Services to provide training, technical assistance and business loans to new and existing small businesses. A tourism development loan fund is managed for the Ninth District Development Financing Incorporated.

Rural Family Economic Success

The Annie E. Casey Foundation has developed Rural Family Economic Success to help rural families increase their income, stabilize their financial lives, and acquire assets and build wealth.

Skills Enhancement Program

CAP Services developed the Skills Enhancement Program that promotes increased family self-sufficiency by supporting career advancement through training and education opportunities. State and federal funding has enabled expansion of the program to eleven other CAAs in Wisconsin.


OIC of Clark County developed the SUREHIRE Employment Services Program to assist job seekers with employment search and to offer applicant pre-screening services for area employers.

Western Dairyland Business Center

Western Dairyland Community Action Agency operates the Western Dairyland Business Center to assist individuals with development or expansion of their own business. The agency has also established Inventor and Entrepreneur Clubs to in Buffalo, Trempealeau and Jackson Counties to assist individuals trying to move new products to market and the Wisconsin Common Market as an e-commerce web site to assist Wisconsin businesses to sell their products online.

Wyandanch Center

The Wyandanch Center is a neighborhood revitalization project of a blighted downtown area. Space will be created for commercial, retail and residential uses, and will help redefine the identity of the community.

Youth Workforce Development

People, Inc. has developed a range of youth workforce development initiatives to promote completion of high school, post-secondary training and employment readiness.