A National Resource to Support Excellence in Community Action

Assuring School Readiness

Garrett County Community Action Committee works in partnership with the Garrett County Board of Education to support teachers, children and families in achieving school readiness.

Campus of Services

Fayette County Community Action Agency has developed a Campus of Services as a community development initiative to promote integrated human services in combination with affordable housing.

Circles® USA

Circles® has been developed to serve as a national model by the Move the Mountain Leadership Center. South Central Community Action Programs became involved with the initiative as a way to effectively engage the community to end poverty.

Community Medical Services

The Fayette County Community Action Agency established Community Medical Services to provide quality, affordable health care to all local residents.

Comprehensive Health Investment Project

The mission of CHIP of Virginia is to improve young children’s heath and promote wellness and self-sufficiency in low-income families, through partnerships with local communities.

Coronado Infant Center

The Southeastern Tidewater Opportunity Project developed the Coronado Infant Center to enable teen mothers to learn parenting skills and to stay enrolled in school.

Families Learning Together

The Union-Snyder Community Action Agency established the Families Learning Together Program as a family literacy and self-sufficiency initiative for adults with basic education needs and at least one child in third grade or under.

Family Development and Self-Sufficiency Program

The Department of Human Rights, Division of Community Action Agencies administers Iowa’s Statewide Family Development and Self-Sufficiency Program that provides developmental services to families who are at risk of long-term welfare dependency.

Family Friends

The Social Development Commission established the Family Friends Program that involves older adult volunteers helping homeless families move toward self-sufficiency.

Free to Grow

The Human Resources Agency of New Britain, Inc. is part of the Free to Grow national demonstration program that brings together broad-based community partners to support locally tailored, integrated approaches to strengthening families and communities. Free to Grow is implemented through Head Start and works to enhance protective factors and decrease risk factors in both the family and the community to serve as a buffer against substance abuse and child abuse.

Immigrant Advocacy

New Opportunities, Inc. established the Immigrant Advocacy Center to assist the growing population of immigrants with their efforts to gain legal status or citizenship.

Incentive Program

Community Action Partnership of Lancaster and Saunders Counties (formerly Lincoln Action Program) established the Incentive Program to help motivate and reward families participating in self-sufficiency activities.

KIDS DAY and Champions of Character

Springfield Partners for Community Action sponsors KIDS DAY as a day of entertainment, educational information and fun experiences for preschool and school-aged children and their families. Proceeds from the event support the Champions of Character and Springfield Partners’ Scholarship Programs.

Kindergarten Club

Community Action Southwest established the Kindergarten Club to increase school readiness and school success for children entering kindergarten.

Life Works Program

Community Action Opportunities established the Life Works Program to help low-income individuals and families develop the skills and income they need to rise above federal poverty guidelines.

Nurse-Family Partnership

The Fayette County Community Action Agency serves as a site for the Nurse-Family Partnership to help low-income first-time mothers achieve positive outcomes for themselves, their baby, and their family.

Parenting Programs

Community Action Partnership of Mid-Nebraska created several parenting programs aimed toward preventing abuse and strengthening families.

Parents Are Teachers, Too

Penquis Community Action Program sponsors the Parents Are Teachers, Too program to provide information, encouragement and support to first-time parents and teen parents in order to help them give their children the best possible start.

Project Home Mission

Mid-Iowa Community Action established Project Home Mission to promote partnerships with area churches throughout Central Iowa to help low-income families become self-sufficient through both Project Home Mission and the Family Development and Self-Sufficiency Program.

Rural Family Economic Success

The Annie E. Casey Foundation has developed Rural Family Economic Success to help rural families increase their income, stabilize their financial lives, and acquire assets and build wealth.

Serious and Violent Offenders Program

Audubon Area Community Services established the Serious and Violent Offenders Program to promote successful re-entry and reduced recidivism among youth offenders at higher risk of re-offending.

Silent Partners Program

The Community Action Partnership of Mercer County developed the Silent Partners Program as a method to build a pool of funds to resolve family needs that cannot be addressed by other resources.

Substance Abuse Prevention

The Greater Erie Community Action Committee carries out extensive Substance Abuse Prevention activities to assist in the reduction of alcohol, tobacco, and other drug (ATOD) use, abuse and addiction and associated consequences.

Teen Pregnancy Prevention Resources

Teen pregnancy prevention is an element of ROMA National Goal 1: Low-Income People Become More Self-Sufficient as a result of evidence reflecting the consequences for teen mothers, as well as the children of teen mothers.

The Parenting Place

Kitsap Community Resources (KCR) sponsors The Parenting Place to develop strong and healthy families and to promote and enrich parental development and nurturing of children.

Thresholds and Decisions Program for Offenders

Southern New Hampshire Services sponsors the Thresholds and Decisions Program to help reduce recidivism by helping offenders improve their decision making abilities, set goals, solve problems and build self-esteem.

Transitions to Independence

The Pikes Peak Community Action Agency established the Transition to Independence Program to increase the capacity of low-income individuals and families to become self-sufficient.

Victims Assistance Services

Westchester Community Opportunity Program sponsors Victims Assistance Services to provide free comprehensive clinical and support services to all crime victims, to provide educational activities to prevent victimization and re-victimization, and to raise the awareness of government, law enforcement, health care providers, schools, the criminal justice system and the community-at-large about the unique needs and strengths of crime victims.

Volunteer Lawyer Program

The Community Action of Skagit County’s Volunteer Lawyer Program provides free legal assistance in civil matters (not criminal) to eligible low-income residents of Skagit County.

Worcester Community Connections Coalition

The Worcester Community Action Council, Inc. developed the Worcester Community Connections Coalition to build neighborhood-based networks that support leadership development and parent advocacy in community planning activities and efforts to coordinate services.