A National Resource to Support Excellence in Community Action

Accountability of Charitable Organizations

The Panel on the Nonprofit Sector has published recommended actions to strengthen governance, transparency, and accountability among charitable organizations including 501(c)(3) agencies.

CAA Board Self-Evaluation Instruments

Effective governance is an element of National Goal 5: Agencies Increase Their Capacity to Achieve Results. CSBG Information Memorandum 82 emphasizes that CAA boards are ultimately responsible for assuring that an agencies continue to assess and respond to the causes and conditions of poverty in their community, achieve anticipated family and community outcomes, and remain administratively and fiscally sound.

CAA Board Training Presentation

Community Action Kentucky has developed a Board Training Presentation to help Community Action Agency board members learn about and effectively fulfill their roles and responsibilities.

CSBG Information Memoranda

The Division of State Assistance within the Office of Community Services publishes regulations and notices related to the Community Services Block Grant Program through Information Memoranda that are distributed to CSBG program administrators.

Effective CAA Board Governance

The National Association for State Community Services Programs supports a focus on Effective CAA Board Governance to help increase board involvement, management and accountability.

Emergency Preparedness and Disaster Relief

Resources to support disaster planning are featured along with tools from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services that can be used by Community Action Agencies and others to develop effective Emergency Preparedness and Disaster Relief plans.

Financial Management for Federally Funded Organizations

The Administration for Children & Families, U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, provides information to help Federal grantee agencies understand and comply with the requirement to have financial management systems that provide for timely, accurate, current and complete disclosure of financial information while providing for oversight and protection of Federal funds.

Financial Oversight by Governing Boards

The Office of Community Services/Virginia Department of Social Services has developed a training presentation to help Community Action Agency board members learn about and effectively fulfill their financial oversight roles and responsibilities.

Fiscal Oversight by Program Managers

Northeast Kingdom Community Action provides its program managers with real time access to fiscal information as a mechanism to fulfill their role with fiscal oversight.

Professional Standards for Fiscal Staff

The Virginia Community Action Partnership has developed recognized standards of competence for Community Action Agency fiscal staff through a program of professional registration and continuing education.

Resource Center for Good Governance and Ethical Practices

Independent Sector has launched an online Resource Center for Good Governance and Ethical Practice, a comprehensive collection of tools for nonprofit and philanthropic organizations to enhance the accountability and transparency of their operations and ensure they operate in ethical ways.