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Last Revised: Feb 16, 2005 - Initial Posting: May 13, 2003

The Wyandanch Center is a neighborhood revitalization project of a blighted downtown area.  Space will be created for commercial, retail and residential uses, and will help redefine the identity of the community.


EOC of Suffolk has been involved in a community partnership to improve the overall quality of life in the most distressed community in its service area.  Neighborhood revitalization is targeted at a 2-block area that has been designated as a New York State Empire Zone (Enterprise Zone).  Community leadership has been an essential element to creating community support and the commitment of local elected officials.

The targeted area lacks a supermarket and other business opportunities.  Smart Growth principles have been adopted to guide planning activities.  A series of Focus Groups were convened to solicit ideas and opinions from local residents and officials and to build consensus on the general vision for redevelopment.

The Town of Babylon will purchase the redevelopment site under the provisions of eminent domain.  Industrial development bonds ($7.5 million) for project financing will be issued as permitted to address unmet needs in a distressed area.  Additional support is being provided through CSBG staff involvement and HUD financing in the form of a bridge loan to acquire the property during construction.

Upon completion, the project will be managed through a private management firm.  Projected revenue from the project is estimated between $500,000 - $1,000,000.


Creation of employment opportunities, affordable housing, retail businesses, sewer system, increased tax revenues, neighborhood revitalization and many other indirect benefits.


Adrian Fassett, Chief Executive Officer