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Transportation Reaching People

Last Revised: Jan 20, 2009 - Initial Posting: Jun 06, 2003

Clackamas County Social Services established the Transportation Reaching People Program serves Clackamas County seniors and people with disabilities who need transportation to medical appointments, personal business, and shopping.


Clackamas County Social Services (CCSS) developed the Transportation Reaching People (TRP) Program as a component of Volunteer Connection to coordinate the involvement of volunteer drivers who provide door-to-door transportation using their own vehicles.  TRP also has a van for riders needing wheelchair accessibility and rides to dialysis, radiation and chemotherapy.

Community volunteers are screened prior acceptance as a TRP driver.  Application forms are reviewed and background checks are processed with the Division of Motor Vehicles and the State police.  The criterion for acceptance includes no more than two accidents/tickets in a three-year period.

Volunteers receive training for defensive driving, mobility awareness, and biohazards.  Mileage reimbursement is provided, as well as supplemental insurance through CIMA for auto liability/accident/personal liability.  Drivers are given assignments based on their availability (i.e. several days or once a week).  Riders must provide at least four days notice to request a volunteer driver.

Funding for TRP is provided through a variety of sources: Elderly/Disabled Transportation funds, Special Needs Transportation funds, public transit system, Medicaid/Medicare, and rider donations.  The TRP Client Service Representative determines rider eligibility.  Rides are scheduled first-come first-serve and priority is given for medical trips.  All riders are requested to make a donation and there is no set fee.


Data for FY ’08 indicated that 93 volunteer drivers (private auto only) provided 17,278 trips involving 20,026 hours of volunteer time to 681 unduplicated riders in Clackamas County.


Sandy Yeaman, Transportation Program Lead Worker