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Telephone Reassurance Program

Last Revised: Aug 20, 2007 - Initial Posting: Aug 26, 2004

NOTE: Springfield Partners for Community Action has discontinued this program.  Featured resources remain available for other agencies interested in this type of effort.


Springfield Partners for Community Action developed the Telephone Reassurance Program to help seniors and homebound/isolated adults maintain independent living.


Experience WorksSpringfield Partners for Community Action sponsors the Telephone Reassurance Program to ensure that regular contact is maintained with seniors and homebound adults.  Senior Aides are used to staff the program.  These positions are funded for 20 hours per week through the Senior Community Service Employment Program funded under Title V of the Older Americans Act through Experience Works (formerly Green Thumb).

An intake form is completed for individuals interested in participating in the program.  Telephone calls are placed from Springfield Partners' office according to Telephone Reassurance Program Guidelines.  This gives clients the opportunity to ask for assistance when needed and to feel connected to their community.

A Daily Call Schedule is created to and serves as a record of telephone contacts.  Services include:

  • Daily “Check & Chat”
  • Engage in friendly conversation about current events, topics of personal interest, etc.
  • Health care needs and reminders including medications and doctor appointments

Additional activities through the Telephone Reassurance Program include regular mailings on birthdays and holidays, as well as occasional field trips.  Examples of field trips include:

  • Bus trip to tour candle museum followed by lunch and shopping
  • Intergenerational luncheon held at Springfield Partners’ childcare center with songs that were performed by the children specially practiced for participants in the Telephone Reassurance Program.

FY '08 goals: 80 elderly residents will receive daily (Monday through Friday) telephone assurance calls for an annual total of almost 10,000 calls.

88 shut-ins actively participated in the program during 2004.


Synthia Scott-Mitchell, Community Services Director
413.263.6500 ext. 6518