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Strategic Planning Toolkit

Illinois Association

of Community Action Agencies

The Strategic Planning Toolkit


This toolkit is designed for leaders of Illinois’ Community Action Agencies who are tasked with strategic planning for their organizations. It can also be used by other non-profit leaders who may be looking for a suitable process to conduct strategic planning for the first time or refresh an existing plan.  The intent is not to create a definitive resource for strategic planning. Instead, it provides a simple framework and tactical tools to aid in real time planning.  If you are tasked with developing your agency’s strategic plan but have no previous planning experience, you may want to request assistance from an outside consultant. Tips on selecting a consultant can be found in the last section of this toolkit.


The Tool Kit is organized through these sections:
  • Who Should Use This Toolkit
  • A Brief Overview of Strategic Planning
  • The Strategic Planning Framework
    • Phase 1:  Prepare To Plan
    • Phase 2:  Assessment/Planning
    • Phase 3:  Implementation/Achievement of Results
    • Phase 4:  Evaluation
  • Time Required To Do Strategic Planning
  • Using a Consultant
  • Strategic Planning Tools
  • References

Additional Resources

See Virtual CAP Resource Information on Strategic Planning Tools and Examples of CAA Strategic Plans for additional material on strategic planning.