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Initial Posting: Sep 18, 2007

The Fayette County Community Action Agency established a Quality Review Process as a mechanism to promote continuous improvement in all aspects of the agency.


The Fayette County Community Action Agency (FCCAA) developed and implemented a Quality Review Process for the first time in 1993.  This serves as the agency's measurement methodology process to analyze track and incorporate customer, constituent and stakeholder feedback.  Each agency program and process is rated annually on contract fulfillment, compliance, customer service, personnel, development, customer and staff input into programming, facility adequacy and appropriateness and finances.  Since 1997, ROMA has been deployed through the Quality Review Process.

FCCAA promotes organizational excellence through Guidelines and Principles that have been established for the agency along with:

The Quality Review is an extensive process in which FCCAA reviews over fifty-five Quality Review Standards, which include all programs, processes and centers of excellence.  Each standard receives a score of one to five with five being the highest and one being the lowest.  The score is based on a percentage of goal attainment to implement as much objectivity as possible.

FCCAA determines customer satisfaction and dissatisfaction to improve programs, processes, services and the agency overall through a Customer Survey that is part of the Quality Review Process.  This portion of the process is completed twice a year.  Surveys with 21 questions are distributed in each program area of FCCAA.  The number of surveys is contingent on the amount of consumers served in the programs.  The minimum amount of surveys completed is 10 and the maximum amount is 50.

Consumer surveys are individualized to meet the needs of the program area contract and also match up to the agency standard the question reflects.  The consumer surveys reflect each program and the customer service process.  Over 850 surveys were completed and tabulated this past year and the project manager of the program area or FCCAA’s Director of Customer Service followed up on all comments with consumers.

Additional surveys are administered including:

Scores are generally determined based on the percentage that each department achieves for each standard.  For example:

  • 90 – 100% is given rating of 5
  • 80 – 89% is given rating of 4
  • 70 – 79% is given rating of 3
  • 60 – 69% is given rating of 2
  • < 60% is given rating of 1

Ratings for various Quality Review Standards are based on calculations from respective survey responses - see Notes for Use of Survey Data.  The data for each project is entered on an Excel spreadsheet and consolidated to determine Quality Review Ratings for the entire agency and to enable comparison between fiscal years - i.e. Quality Review 2004-2005 Comparison.

Once the Quality Review is completed annually, results are given to the Board of Directors for review and comment.  With the information, board members are able to assess the effectiveness of FCCAA programs and services among employees and the consumers served.  They are able to evaluate the performance of its staff and the agency as a whole.  The Board of Directors then determine as an agency if raises are given and develop the matrix based on performance.

FCCAA has also created a Unified Organizational Structure in order to create improved client services and a stronger focus on accomplishing the agency’s mission.  This includes the creation of the four Management Support Process areas – Customer Service, Finance, Property, and Development.  Two Centers of Excellence are also incorporated in the structure – Community Service and Family Development.


FCCAA’s Quality Review Process provides essential information concerning adherence to standards of quality throughout the agency’s operations.  Quality Review Ratings help the management staff develop training and corrective action plans to address areas requiring specific attention.  The system also helps acknowledge aspects of FCCAA that achieve exceptional quality ratings.

One major improvement noted from the Quality Review process was customer files.  Files were not meeting agency standards with staff being cross-trained and working in different projects.  Senior management and the Board of Directors met and developed some color-coded agency wide forms.  Checklists were also developed for each project that files must adhere to.  This has assisted staff ensure that all required documentation is in each project file.  Overall files went from a 3.57 to a 4.0 (review of approximately 250 client files).

FCCAA was honored by the Community Action Partnership as a recipient of the 2004 Award for Excellence in Community Action, a national award designed after the Malcolm Baldrige Award.


James Stark, Executive Director

Tammy Knouse, Customer Service Manager