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Initial Posting: Nov 9, 2018


The Iowa Community Action Association has created a series of online learning modules that can be completed at no cost nationwide.


The Iowa Community Action Association offers six online learning modules.  Sections of each module can be accessed from the left menu area.  Each training module below can be completed at no cost, by anyone, using a computer, tablet, or phone.

Learning Modules
Board Duties and Responsibilities
This training module lays out the three fiduciary duties of governing boards, provides a brief overview of the Community Services Block Grant (CSBG) Organizational Standards, and looks at the responsibilities of a Community Action Agency governing board.

Head Start Board Responsibilities
Thank you for serving on the Board of Directors of an organization that provides Head Start. You are making your community a better place to live, and you are helping our youngest citizens begin their education.   This training provides an overview of your duties and responsibilities as described in the Head Start Act and the Head Start Program Performance Standards.

Head Start Non-Federal Match
This course provides an overview of the non-Federal matching funds requirement for Head Start and Early Head Start grantees.

A Brief History of Poverty in America
Survey ways America has responded to people in poverty throughout history.  Evaluate how poverty policy today is different (or the same) as it was in previous eras. Evaluate how history might help us form better ways to help each other.

Payday Loans
This short course will teach you the basics of payday lending, the payday lending trap, and suggestions on what you can do instead of using payday lending services.

Community Services Block Grant (CSBG)
The Community Services Block Grant (CSBG) provides core funding to Community Action Agencies. Learn more about the origins, purposes, and requirements of CSBG in Iowa.

How Poverty Is Measured
How does the government measure poverty to determine eligibility for government assistance programs?  We will learn where the measurement comes from, how it is used, and whether there is potentially a better way to measure poverty in America.

Viewing Options
Training may be viewed:

  • Independently – click an image below and the module will begin;
  • With a group – you can project each training on a screen and present it to a group, working through the training and reflecting on the content together; and/or
  • With a trained facilitator – you can request a live presentation of a training to your group. The facilitator will present using Zoom, or in person (Iowa Community Action Agencies only)


As stated in the CSBG Organizational Standards, attention to organizational elements such as policies and procedures, performance appraisals, and training lead to strong organizations with the capacity to deliver high-quality services in low-income communities.

Standard 5.8 (private nonprofit)
Governing board members have been provided with training on their duties and responsibilities within the past 2 years.

Standard 5.8 (public)
Tripartite board/advisory body members have been provided with training on their duties and responsibilities within the past 2 years

Standard 7.9 (private nonprofit)
The organization conducts or makes available staff development/training (including ROMA) on an ongoing basis.

Standard 7.9 (public)
The department conducts or makes available staff development/training (including ROMA training) on an ongoing basis.


Tiffany Keimig, Director of Training and Technical Assistance