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Membership Structure for State CAP Association

Last Revised: Jan 4, 2017 - Initial Posting: Mar 13, 2007

The Missouri Community Action Network has developed a three-level membership structure to build broad-based involvement and support toward accomplishment of the Association’s purpose and mission.


The Missouri Community Action Network promotes the theme of United in Purpose to help our neighbors obtain the resources they need to overcome poverty.  Missouri CAN works through a three-level membership structure to build diversity in perspective and strength in numbers.  Annual membership levels are:

Missouri CAN acknowledges that it is a membership organization devoted to Community Action with room for all of its partners to participate.  Accordingly, various forms of involvement are provided for each category of membership as described under Member Benefits.  Some examples include:

  • Representation on the Missouri CAN Executive Board (Individual and Organization Members)
  • Membership on one Professional Alliance (Individual Member)
  • Appointment to a Missouri CAN Committee (Individual member)
  • Membership in a local Missouri CAN chapter subject to local by-laws (Individual and Associate Members)
  • Attend meetings and training sessions (All Members)

Missouri CAN also supports Professional Alliances that are comprised of individual Missouri CAN members interested in a program area related to the process of that group.  Professional Alliances include those listed below with a few examples of topics addressed:

  • Finance
  • Employment and Training
  • Energy and Housing
  • Human Resources
  • Information Technology
  • Internal ROMA Consultants
  • Outreach Personnel
  • Outreach Management
  • Resource Management
  • Missouri Community Action Directors Association

An annual Congress is convened as a representative assembly that serves as a planning task force for setting goals and objectives for the Association and endorsing resolutions and position papers.  Representatives to the Congress are appointed in accordance with procedures specified in Missouri CAN's By-Laws.


Missouri CAN’s three-level membership structure has been successful in creating a significant base of involvement to address poverty issues and promote the efforts of CAA’s in Missouri.  There have steadily been between 1,400 and 1,600 individual dues paying members affiliated with the 19 CAA’s in Missouri during 2006.  In addition, all 19 Community Action Agencies in Missouri are members of Missouri CAN.  This demonstrates the level of commitment that exists on a statewide basis.  There were more than 100 individual members from 6-7 different CAA’s.  Additionally, dues collected from all membership categories results in approximately $136,000 of annual income for Missouri CAN.

Missouri CAN membership benefits include:

  • A respected voice advocating for legislative and policy priorities affecting low-income Missourians
  • A resource of knowledge and expertise
  • A connection to other members the Missouri Community Action Network who are dedicated to serving the needs of low-income people
  • A place to belong since Missouri CAN promotes a sense of purpose and pride in the work carried out by CAA’s

Dawn Fogarty, Executive Director