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Last Revised: Mar 10, 2011 - Initial Posting: Jan 27, 2005

The Joint Coalition on Health is a group of committed individuals and organizations working collaboratively as catalysts for change and advocates for the underserved to improve the health and well-being of everyone in North Central Massachusetts.


The Montachusett Opportunity Council (MOC) provides leadership and staff support to the Joint Coalition on Health (JCH) that promotes health education and access to health care for community residents.  The Coalition was formed in 1998 to address priority issues raised in health needs assessments conducted by two former area health coalitions.  Members of the Joint Coalition include area hospitals, health and human service agencies, schools, mental health/substance abuse agencies, police departments, clergy, and local college nursing program.

The goals of the Joint Coalition include:

  • To educate and raise awareness concerning the issues of substance abuse and AIDS, mental health, violence, and child abuse
  • To support efforts already underway to improve access to care such as:
    • Gateway Health Access Program (GHAP) – hospitals and physicians accept a number of patients on a reduced fee basis and case management is provided by JCH partners
    • Community Health Center
  • To design, develop and implement a model for school-based adolescent health clinic
  • To undertake a program of legislative advocacy that will:
    • Seek greater geographic equity in resource allocation across the state for programs and services that will address core issues
    • Support and promote legislation that will assist in addressing core issues
    • To seek grants and other funding sources that will assist the Coalition and other agencies and organizations in addressing core issues
    • To promote and inspire collaborative efforts to address core issues

Activities of the Coalition are handled through various committees that are formed to focus on specific initiatives:

Future areas of focus for JCH will include mental health/substance abuse and teen health.Community Health Assessment Report

Community Health Assessment Summary - PowerPointThe Health Foundation of Central Massachusetts, area hospitals, MOC, and the Department of Public Health/Community Health Planning provided funding for the community health assessment.  The results of the assessment have been summarized in a PowerPoint presentation.



JCH Achievemnets - PowerPointHealth services to community residents have been expanded through the efforts of the Joint Health Coalition that developed the Community Health Center and Oral Health Services.  Community resources are effectively being used through partnerships between medical and human service providers.  Specific achievements of the Coalition are highlighted through a PowerPoint presentation.


Kevin Reed, Executive Director