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Home Injury Control Program for Older Adults

Last Revised: Oct 17, 2019 - Initial Posting: Nov 14, 2007
NOTE: OLHSA has discontinued this program.  Featured resources remain available for other agencies interested in this type of effort.

The Oakland-Livingston Human Service Agency established the Home Injury Control Program for Older Adults to help the elderly and disabled adults avoid preventable injuries by maintaining a comfortable and safe living environment.


The Oakland-Livingston Human Service Agency (OLHSA) offers the Home Injury Control Program for Older Adults to prevent accidents and avoidable injuries among the elderly.  Older adults, age 60 or older, can receive safety devices for their home.  Disabled adults under age 60 are also eligible in select communities.  Priority is given to lower income and disabled elderly.  An Affordable Assistance program is also offered for those do not qualify for the donation-based program.

A Planning and Reporting Tool is used for all agencies involved with the region's Area Agency on Aging's Home Injury Control Program.

A variety of items are available to help assure the safety of older adults in the bathroom, at night, in emergencies, and during every-day routines - see Home Injury Control Flyer.  OLHSA's loan closet has devices available for pickup that allow greater comfort or mobility to frail older adults.  Group safety talks are also available at no charge.

MI_OLHSA_Senior_Home_Safety_Manual_2014A Senior Home Safety Manual: Home Injury Control Program is distributed to help older adults live safely in their home and to help prevent falls.  Falls are a major health concern for seniors.  The goal of the manual is to help reduce falls and help older adults increase awareness of their living space.  The manual is made available as part of presentations to community groups and in conjunction with installation of home safety devices.

The Home Injury Control Program is staffed by an Older Adult Supervisor and a Handyman.

A variety of helpful related resources can be accessed through national organizations and other groups such as:

OLHSA offers a range of other Older Adult Services including:

  • Chore Services (flyer) – Provides various types of home and yard work to assist older adults, 60 years or older, who can no longer maintain their yards and homes. Services include lawn mowing, snow removal over two inches and minor home repairs.
  • Resource Advocacy (flyer) – Provides assistance filling out Medicare and Medicaid applications, applying for the Area Agency on Aging 1-B’s Community Living Program and they provide Options Counseling through the Area Agency on Aging 1-B. Resource Advocates also offer information on OLHSA's comprehensive services and refers older adults to services in the community not provided through OLHSA.
  • Grandparents Raising Grandchildren (flyer) – For grandparents aged 55 and above who are raising grandchildren and are interested in seeking resources and a support group. The support group offers inter-generational activities with an emphasis on health and wellness.

OLHSA served 338 seniors with 1,009 devices between October 1, 2014 and September 30, 2015.

A Home Safety Program Telephone Interview is conducted on a quarterly basis to determine the degree that falls were prevented as a result of bathroom devices installed by OLHSA (shower chair, handheld shower, tub bar, or tub mat) - see results of surveys for FY2015:

The charts shown below provide data on the benefits of devices installed under the Home Injury Control Program from 2010 – 2015.  The vast majority of survey respondents indicated no falls at intake or six months or at six months (96%).  More than 90 percent indicated HIC devices were helpful 13 of the 20 quarters during this period.  While between 83 - 89.5 percent indicated HIC devices were helpful in six of the remaining seven quarters (78% or more than three out of every four respondents indicated devices were helpful in the only other quarter).


Marie Verheyen, Associate Director