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CAA Board Self-Assessment Tool

Community Action Agency Board Self-Assessment

Indiana Community Action Association

Community Action Agency Board Self-Assessment Tool

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Volunteer board members desire to have engaging and rewarding volunteer experiences.  Non-profits seek leadership and support of a board that brings their very best to every meeting and to the organization. The board self-assessment process is a way to see whether the board and organization are meeting these mutual goals.

The self-study process will provide a framework that assesses board member’s perceptions of current governance practice and stimulates conversation of how to strengthen the board’s performance.  This board self-assessment is a measurement tool that facilitates a greater understanding of how the board thinks it is doing at a particular point and time and to identify priorities for enhancing governance and organizational effectiveness.

Remember, that this is just the starting point, and that this journey should proceed to a steady pace with every step leading to a stronger board and organization.

IN-CAA Training and Technical Assistance

The CAA Board Assessment Tool is only one component of a larger Training and Technical Assistance Program developed by the Indiana Community Action Association (IN-CAA).  IN-CAA was awarded funds by the Department of Health and Human Services, Administration for Families and Children to provide training and technical assistance for 5 CAAs and their board a year to strengthen board governance and improve CAA financial management and accountability.

The trainings consisted of in-person and online webinar format trainings as well as one-on-one CAA technical assistance.  The trainings covered: Board Engagement, Board Roles and Responsibilities, Board Governance, Board Fiscal Oversight, and others as deemed necessary.  One-on-one technical assistance included helping to review organizational documents such as by-laws, articles of incorporation, and the creation of other materials as deemed necessary such as organizational dashboards and financial benchmarks.

In addition to board technical assistance the TA provider was available to the Executive Directors to provide technical assistance to address board or organizational issues and to develop needed tools.  CAA Board of Directors and Executive Directors would commit to a 6 month time frame and would be willing to allow 30 minutes to an hour of each board meeting be dedicated to this training and technical assistance.

To learn more, contact Lisa Travis, IN-CAA Program Manager, telephone 317.638.4232.

National Conference Workshop Material

Board Assessment – A Tool for Capacity Building and Improved Board Governance (PowerPoint)

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Sample Board Self-Assessment Results

Sample State of the Agency Matrix

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