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Last Revised: Nov 12, 2013 - Initial Posting: Feb 14, 2006

The National Association for State Community Services Programs supports a focus on Effective CAA Board Governance to help increase board involvement, management and accountability.


The National Association for State Community Services Programs (NASCSP) makes an effort to provide access to information and materials that can help strengthen the effectiveness of CAA Boards.  Accordingly, several Board-related presentations were featured at the 2005 Fall NASCSP Conference:

Note: The above items are provided by permission of the Nonprofit Association of Oregon formerly known as Technical Assistance for Community Services (TACS), and are not to be used for profit making purposes.  For more information, please visit www.nonprofitoregon.org/.

  • Best Practices in Board Governance with information offered by Victoria Cox from the Oregon Department of Justice, Charitable Activities Section.  A Guide to Nonprofit Board Service in Oregon was distributed that could serve as an overview for other states as well (similar material might be available from each respective state office involved with regulation of charitable activities).  Concepts adapted from the 12 Principles of Governance available through BoardSource were offered as a way to recognize exceptional boards.  These include:
    • Constructive Partnership (Board and CEO)
    • Mission-Driven
    • Strategic Thinking
    • Culture of Inquiry
    • Independent-Mindedness
    • Ethos of Transparency
    • Compliance with Integrity
    • Intentional Board Practices
    • Results-Oriented
    • Sustaining Resources
    • Continuous Learning
    • RevitalizationTraining Book for Community Action Boards - MN OEO
  • The Training Book for Community Action Boards was also highlighted during discussion.  The Office of Economic Opportunity/Minnesota Department of Children, Families, and Learning developed this document.  Much of the material is relevant for use in any state and a video presentation can be used to supplement The Training Book. .

NASCSP also offers a Board Training Manual and DVD for board members and executive directors to strengthen the governance capabilities of CAA tri-partite boards.  The manual includes sample by-laws, conflict of interest policy, evaluation tools, and much more.  The DVD provides an in-depth tutorial of the board governance process.  Contact Cindy Homol to order ($49.99 for the training manual and DVD).


Effective governance is an element of National Goal 5: Agencies Increase Their Capacity to Achieve Results.  CSBG Information Memorandum 82 (issued March 23, 2005) emphasizes that CAA boards are ultimately responsible for assuring that an agencies continue to assess and respond to the causes and conditions of poverty in their community, achieve anticipated family and community outcomes, and remain administratively and fiscally sound.


Jovita Tolbert, Deputy Director