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Last Revised: Oct 03, 2007 - Initial Posting: Feb 11, 2003

Fayette County Community Action Agency has developed a Campus of Services as a community development initiative to promote integrated human services in combination with affordable housing.


The Fayette County Community Action Agency (FCCAA) created a Campus of Services that is located in the geographic, population, cultural, and political center of Fayette County - Campus of Services site map. The site encompasses two blocks that was previously a decaying and abandoned warehouse district. Three buildings with 75,000 square feet have been developed for FCCAA operations and use by other human service agencies.

The Campus includes the Food Bank Warehouse, the Family Service Center, the Uniontown Community Center, and Meadow Heights Apartments.

The Family Service Center has served over 50,000 local residents since 1997 and incorporates Community Medical and Dental Services, Housing and Energy Assistance and Case Management Programs, Community Training Institute plus other education, training and employment programs, WIC (Women, Infants and Children), Information and Referral services, Technology Center, and an Access and Visitation site for non-custodial parents. Meeting rooms are also available to be used for either meetings or classroom activities.

Meadow Heights Apartments is a housing development with 60 one-bedroom units for residents age 62 and older. One-bedroom apartments are available for rents ranging from $270 to $450 per month as of February 2003. The project was financed through tax credits. Supportive services are available to residents to promote continued independent living.

FCCAA Campus of Services


FCCAA has designed the Family Access Management System (FAMS) for intake, eligibility determination, services, outcomes, scales, development plans, and referrals. The Campus of Services has received USDA national recognition its revitalization of an enterprise community. Finally, approximately $450,000 in annual revenue resulting in a net income of $75,000 is received by FCCAA from use of the campus.


James Stark, Executive Director