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Last Revised: Mar 11, 2011 - Initial Posting: Sep 26, 2005

Garrett County Community Action Committee works in partnership with the Garrett County Board of Education to support teachers, children and families in achieving school readiness.


Overlook Judy Center Partnership FlyerGarrett County Community Action Committee (GCCAC) has built a partnership with the Garrett County Board of Education that integrates early childhood programs to assure school readiness.  Services are coordinated through the Judy Center Partnership and involve early childhood programs serving two elementary school districts - see brochure.

The Overlook Judy Center Partnership:

  • Brings together the resources of schools and community agencies to assure children’s success in school
  • Supports parents in their role as their “child’s first teacher” by providing workshops, parent-child activities, parent-learning opportunities, and access to a resource library and a computer lab through activities including:
    • Back to School Nights
    • Family Literacy Nights
    • Assemblies
    • Family Fun Festival
    • Ice Cream Socials
    • Information & Assistance
  • Assists the kindergarten, pre-kindergarten, Head Start, Early Head Start and private early care and education teachers to provide quality education in accredited/validated classrooms through:
    • Classroom observations
    • Classroom supplies
    • Compilation of Work Sampling assessment data
    • Supports before and after child care services for children ages 6 weeks through 12 years.
  • Provides ongoing staff development and training such as:
    • Mentoring of Head Start and private early child care and education teachers by public school teachers
    • Joint staff training conducted countywide for all Head Start, pre-K and kindergarten teachers
    • Teacher networking with training
  • Links with two local elementary schools
  • Operates full-day/full-year services
  • Assists children and families in transitioning between early childhood programs
  • Coordinates family support services and serves as the key contact for early childhood, pre-K and kindergarten families
  • Uses the Maryland Model for School Readiness (MMSR) to assess the readiness of young children for school
Many national initiatives have been developed to strengthen and promote coordination of school readiness efforts.  Just a few examples include:
Helping Your Child Prepare for School - U.S. Dept. of Education      NAEYC School Readiness Position Statement      Preparing Your Child for School - NEA      Building the Foundation for Bright Futures - NGA

The FY2009 Evaluation Report provides extensive information on the positive outcomes involving Judy Center children and families.  Various indicators reflecting improved school readiness among Judy Center Partnership children include:

  • Ounce Scale100% of Early Head Start children were “developing as expected” as measured by the OUNCE Scale at 24 months compared to a goal of 80%
  • 98% of Judy Center children were “fully ready” on the Spring ’09 K WSS compared to a goal of 80%
  • 90% of parents had a HS Diploma or GED by June 30, 2009 compared to a goal of 85%
  • 92% of OJC children had satisfactory attendance in Kindergarten by June 30, 2009 compared to a goal of 94%
  • 94% of OJC children had satisfactory attendance in First Grade by June 30, 2009 compared to a goal of 94%
  • 91% of OJC children were not referred to Alternative Structure or suspended during the SY by June 30, 2009 compared to a goal of 95%
OJC FY2008 Evaluation Report

Dr. Wendell Teets, Superintendent - Garrett County Board of Education

Duane Yoder, President