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Affordable Housing and Delaware County Construction Company

Last Revised: Feb 03, 2010 - Initial Posting: May 14, 2003

The Community Action Agency of Delaware County, Inc. has 16 Affiliate Corporations that provide shelter services to homeless clients, established commercial complexes and completed numerous housing and neighborhood revitalization projects.  The Delaware County Construction Corporation serves as a for-profit division of the agency.  The construction company is fully licensed and insured to provide both commercial and residential construction services, specializing in ADA modifications/retrofits.


The Community Action Agency of Delaware County, Inc. (CAADC) has numerous Affiliate Housing Corporations/Partnerships including:

  • Affordable Housing Opportunities, Inc.
  • Ambler Manor: Partnership with Ingerman Affordable Housing, Inc.
  • Cobbs Creek Housing Services, Inc.: Operation of shelter
  • Colony Community Corporation, Inc.: Commercial complex and shelter
  • Darby Court Associates, L.P.: Partnership with Boston Financial Investment Management for senior apartment complex
  • 896 Main Street Inc.: For-profit corporation for senior apartment complex
  • Flower Manor, L.P.: Partnership with Wachovia Securities, a Wells Fargo Company, for family apartment complex
  • Lamokin Senior Village Partnership, L.P.: Partnership with Pennrose Equities providing services to seniors
  • Madison Housing, Inc.: Family apartment complex
  • Madison Street Associates: Partnership with First Union Bank for neighborhood revitalization project
  • Melrose Place, Inc.: For-profit corporation
  • Rose Street Associates: Partnership with First Partners for Housing
  • Sharon Hill Commons, L.P.: Partnership with Ingerman Associates and Boston Financial Investment Management
  • Tri-State Housing Development, Inc.: Non-profit corporation for housing development
  • Upland Street Associates L.P.: Partnership with GSA Management for housing project
  • Wesley House Community Corporation: Operation of shelter

In 1981, CAADC established its temporary housing program and in 1985, opened the Family Management Center, the first emergency shelter facility in Delaware County. Today, CAADC owns and manages four (4) emergency shelter facilities. The ongoing expansion of CAADC's housing program has resulted in the creation of over two hundred forty (240) affordable housing units. The agency also maintains and operates its own fleet of vehicles and warehouse facilities, and owns and manages three (3) commercial facilities.CAADC Weatherization Program Brochure


CAADC offers the Home Weatherization Program and is also a subcontractor under all three (3) public utility companies to provide energy conservation retrofits to homes of needy families and seniors.  This includes providing the Helping Hand Program to assist families who have difficulty paying water bills by providing minor plumbing repairs and conservation tips that will help lower water usage and, therefore, make future bills more affordable.  CAADC also owns and operates Delaware County Construction Company, an economic development venture that provides private, market-rate construction services.
Community Action Agency of Delaware County, Inc. (CAADC) has established a continuum of housing services that include emergency shelter, transitional housing, rental housing, and lease-purchase options.

Emergency Shelter

The Family Shelters of Delaware CountyCAADC is the primary provider of emergency housing and supportive services to homeless families and individuals in Delaware County. Shelter is provided at the following sites:

  • Colony Shelter: 13-unit family shelter located in Chester.
  • Family Management Center: 10-unit family shelter located in Chester.
  • Life Center of Eastern Delaware County: 50-bed shelter for individual adults located in Upper Darby. This facility also provides a shower program and a daily feeding program where homeless residents and needy individuals and families within the community receive a hot dinner 365 days a year.
  • Wesley House: 68-bed shelter for families and individuals located in Chester.
  • Hotel/Motel Program: voucher program providing temporary shelter to homeless families including victims of fire and domestic abuse when all shelters are at capacity.

Community residents are encouraged to donate items that are needed to operate the emergency shelters.  Kids Helping Kids is coordinated through area schools to help teach children and teens about important social issues such as homelessness and poverty.

CAADC has instituted a multi-phase Shelter Improvement Project to improve the quality of life in the homeless shelters in the City of Chester, which provide emergency shelter to homeless families from throughout Delaware County.

Transitional Housing and Rental Units

Transitional housing "bridges" the gap from emergency shelter to permanent housing. CAADC utilizes site-based transitional housing where families can live for up to two (2) years after leaving the shelter. In addition, CAADC also works in conjunction with private landlords to provide over sixty (60) transitional housing units throughout the County. During their stay in transitional housing, residents receive a rental subsidy based on their income. Residents also receive ongoing case management and support services as they make the transition into permanent housing.

Community Action Agency owns and manages over two hundred forty (240) affordable housing units in Delaware County.

Transitional/Bridge Housing  Transitional/Bridge Housing Rental Housing Madison Street Project
Rose Street Project Flower Manor Upland Street ProjectDarby Court  Sharon Hill Commons

Houses for Sale

CAADC operates a Home Ownership Program in conjunction with private financial institutions and existing first-time homeownership programs. CAADC currently has multiple properties in its inventory. Program provides homeownership opportunities to persons of low- and moderate-incomes.  In addition, blighted properties in Delaware County are renovated.  CAADC’s Programs have provided homeownership opportunities to over forty (40) families.

Homeownership ProgramHomeownership Program

Delaware County Construction Company (DCCC)

DCCC FlyerDCCC is a natural outgrowth of the agency’s involvement with weatherization and housing initiatives. A Construction Manager, Foreman and four (4) Crew Workers staff company operations. DCCC's skilled craftsmen have an average tenure of 12 years.  DCCC is fully licensed and insured and provides free estimates.  As needed, some work is subcontracted to outside companies. Services now include lead-based paint testing and abatement services.  Proceeds from construction projects are available to CAADC for support of further agency ventures. Annual gross proceeds, which are subject to taxes as unrelated business income, have reached over $350,000.

DCCC will do a variety of different commercial and residential jobs.

Types of Commercial projects include:

  • Retail
  • Offices
  • Automotive
  • Institutional
  • Excavation
  • Paving
  • Maintenance Contracts
  • Lawns
  • Fencing
  • Landscaping

Types of Residential projects include:

  • Kitchens
  • Bathrooms
  • Basements
  • Additions
  • Roofing
  • Siding
  • Masonry
  • ADA Ramps and Modifications

DCCC projects have included:

  • Construction of auto body shop
  • Multi-service contracts with several office and commercial complexes
  • Remodeling of a church building
  • Residential additions and renovations
  • Construction of new single-family homes
  • ADA modifications (funded through Area Agency on Aging)
  • Energy retrofits (funded through weatherization program)

Innovation of the Week - DCCCDCCC received recognition from the Leader-to-Leader Institute as a non-profit innovation by serving as an internal revenue-generating program that lessens CAADC's dependency upon government funding and foundation requests.


CAADC's affordable housing initiatives have provided a range of positive results for the agency and for the community:

  • Revenue generating
  • Job Creation
  • Creation of affordable housing
  • Stabilization of neighborhoods
  • Energy savings for customers who get weatherization or energy retrofits
  • Accessibility for persons with disabilities

ROMA goals that have been established for FY'10 include:

  • 300 of 300 households will realize an increase in fuel efficiency through weatherization of their homes (Income Management - Goal 2)
  • 400 of 400 clients will decrease energy costs and increase disposable income through water conservation/plumbing retrofits (Income Management - Goal 6)
  • CAADC will use the economic development activities of weatherization and a private construction company to generate over $300,000 in gross income for the Agency to use to support activities for low-income persons (Linkages - Goal 5)
  • 2 of 2 participants in the Home Ownership Program will purchase a home (Housing - Goal 1)
  • 550 of 550 households in rental assistance and transitional housing programs will achieve safe/stable housing arrangements (Housing – Goal 6)

Edward Coleman, Executive Director

John Forte, Construction Manager