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WeCanEndHunger – Overview

WeCanEndHunger provides an in-depth look at innovative food and nutrition programs and projects developed by anti-hunger organizations in Virginia and around the United States.

Resource Information – Child and Adult Obesity

CAAs can provide leadership to help improve the health and well-being of many low-income children and adults by addressing the link between obesity and poverty, which has been demonstrated through various studies

Resource Information: Advocacy for School Nutrition

Various resources are available to help CAAs work with parents and others to promote improvements in school nutrition programs as an important measure to enhance the health and achievement of low-income students

Anti-Hunger Advocacy and Program Development

The New York City Coalition Against Hunger works to meet the immediate food needs of low-income New Yorkers while enacting innovative solutions to help them move “beyond the soup kitchen” toward greater economic self-sufficiency.

Brown Bag Program

The Capital Area Food Bank sponsors the Brown Bag Program to supplement the existing food budgets for low-income households through the distribution of nutritious food to community pick-up locations.

Community Kitchen

DC Central Kitchen trains homeless and unemployed men and women for the culinary workforce and provides over 4,000 meals every day to partner service agencies in the DC area. The Campus Kitchens Project replicates this model on college and high school campuses nationwide and provides leadership training and experience for students.

From the Ground Up at Clagett Farm

The Capital Area Food Bank co-sponsors From the Ground Up to bring nutritious, fresh produce to communities of all income levels throughout the Washington, D.C. area.

Harvest Home Soup Kitchen

The Appalachian Branch of the Southwestern Virginia Second Harvest Food Bank supports the operation of the Harvest Home Soup Kitchen that provides meals to needy individuals three days per week.

Last Saturdays

ALexandrians InVolved Ecumenically (ALIVE!) is a nonprofit organization of nearly 40 Christian, Jewish and B’ahi congregations working with the community to help those in need in Alexandria through the Last Saturday Food Distribution Program and other services.

Ohio Food Program

The Ohio Association of Second Harvest Foodbanks established the Ohio Food Purchase Program to make nutritious shelf stable products available to foodbanks to complement other products acquired through The Emergency Food Assistance Program (TEFAP), donations, and Ohio’s Second Harvest Foodbank network.

Ohio Agricultural Clearance Program

The Ohio Association of Second Harvest Foodbanks established the Ohio Agricultural Clearance Program to expand capacity to feed hungry individuals and to prevent waste of agricultural products.

Poverty Diet Experience

The Virginia Interfaith Center for Public Policy created the Poverty Diet Experience to promote understanding of the difficulties related to poverty and hunger.

Strategic Plan – Act to End Hunger

The Oregon Hunger Relief Task Force created a strategic plan – Act to End Hunger to provide a focus and guide to help eliminate hunger in Oregon.

Sister Hook-Up

The Capital Area Food Bank coordinates Sister Hook-Up to provide member agencies with donations of edible food items that would otherwise be discarded by local supermarkets.

Soup and Salad Program

The Michigan 4C Association sponsored the Soup and Salad Program to provide children with opportunities to learn more about gardening and healthy eating habits.

Statewide Hunger Awareness and Advocacy

The Ohio Association of Second Harvest Foodbanks uses a variety of mechanisms to increase hunger awareness and to build support for hunger relief including strategies that address poverty as the root cause of hunger.

Summer Nutrition Program

Pittsylvania County Community Action sponsors the Summer Nutrition Program to help children obtain adequate nutrition during the summer months.