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Webinar Recording: Involving People Served in Program Decision-Making

From PerformWell – On Thursday, January 16th, we will discuss questions related to the best ways of involving different populations, how to make it an affordable and integral part of program operations, how to avoid overburdening people with requests for feedback, and how to know whether efforts are successful.

Discovering “What Works” Webinar Recording

This webinar starts by reviewing the movement toward evidence-based programs and practices and scrutiny of CSBG over the past 4 years. Next, learn about ways your agency can capitalize on research-based and other strategies that will strengthen your programs and your entire organization.

Family Economic Mobility Webinar Recording

This webinar highlights resources available through the CSBG Resource Bank that produce positive outcomes for low-income youth and families. It also highlights three distinct models for increasing economic mobility.

Financial Capability and Asset Development Webinar Recording

This webinar features research and resources to support your work in building financial capability and promoting asset development among participants in your programs. Three tools are also highlighted, which provide data on what it takes to achieve family economic security in your local community.

Webinar Recording: Non-Profit Sustainability

This webinar introduced a strategic decision-making model that considers both money and mission, and creates a compelling visual tool for board and staff leaders concerned with organizational sustainability.