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Results at the Community Level LCG

Covers the first five meetings of this group, which drilled down on various aspects of identifying and planning community level work. The project focus of this group is to establish a clear definition of what community level needs, outcomes, and strategies are, and to explore how to observe and document change at the community level and how to share the process with key stakeholders.

Rural IMPACT Demonstration Project

The Rural Integration Models for Parents and Children to Thrive (IMPACT) Demonstration works to make systems change in rural communities to implement a focused and intentional two-generation approach to addressing poverty.

Racial Equity – Community Action Partnership

As the Community Action Network aims to effectively eradicate the causes and conditions of poverty, we understand that racial inequity rests at the intersection of multiple barriers that impede access to economic security for children, families and communities. The Partnership is pleased to offer new tools and resources to strengthen the Network’s capacity to analyze the intersection of race and poverty in the lives of the entire community.

A Comprehensive Guide to Community Action Strategic Planning

The California Community Action Partnership Association and the Community Action Partnership have published this guide to not only empower CAAs to successfully meet the CSBG Organizational Standards, but to exceed them! Also see Strategic Planning Tools and Examples of CAA Strategic Plans (VirtualCAP Resource Information).

Financial Empowerment for Families

Increasing Financial Empowerment for Families is one of the Community Action Partnership’s Learning Community Groups. Check out the high-level resources that have been shared with this LCG.

Building a Two Generation Approach into Your Agency

CAAs are perfectly suited to build a 2Gen Approach to help move children and their parents toward educational success and economic security. A series of questions along with helpful resources are provided to help with developing 2Gen ideas for your agency!

Learning Community Webinar Series – March-April 2016

This important series highlights emerging anti-poverty approaches for the Community Action Network. Become a FOLLOWER of any or all of the Learning Community Groups to receive resources shared as well as topical group updates.

The Community Action Risk Mitigation Blog Series: #8

“Must Have” Financial Information for CAA Boards and CEOs – A CAA’s Balance Sheet and Organization-wide Revenue and Expenses statement provide essential info your organization’s sustainability, compliance, and risks. Learn how to find the info jewels on your financials and how to clear away the clutter than can make them hard to see and understand. Also access the webinar recording on CSBG Organizational Category 8: Financial Operations and Oversight.

The Community Action Risk Mitigation Blog Series: #7

Fiscal Fundamentals for Executive Directors covers the basic things an Executive Director needs to know about their role in the fiscal leadership of an organization. Though specifically addressed to Executive Directors/CEOs, it provides a good overview for any CAA leader looking to learn more about fiscal matters.

The Community Action Risk Mitigation Blog Series: #6

Collaboration Checkup: Assessing & Improving Your Community Partnerships is a toolkit developed to help the Community Action Network better understand the functioning of partnerships so they can more effectively develop and nurture those that have a measurable impact in local communities. – pertains to CSBG Organizational Standard 2.1.

The Community Action Risk Mitigation Blog Series: #4

HR Policy Pushup – Webinar recording covers the building blocks of an effective Policy and Procedures Manual, which creates the foundation of efficient HR management and execution. Use the Community Action Risk Management Portal to access more than 100 HR Policy Templates that can be customized for use by your agency.

The Learning Community – Community Action Partnership

A project of the Community Action Partnership’s Learning Communities Resource Center, The Learning Community is comprised of topical Learning Community Groups which consist of a cadre of Community Action Agencies that are currently working on a program or service delivery strategy aimed to fight poverty more effectively and to improve outcomes for families and communities.

2015 National Community Action Month Toolkit

The Community Action Partnership is pleased to release its annual Community Action Month Toolkit with a new look and feel. We provider readers with ideas and suggestions for every day during May.

The Community Action Risk Mitigation Blog Series: #2

Getting Your Community Action Agency Board of Directors to the Table, Engaged, and Motivated – webinar recording and other board development material for CAA Boards and executive directors looking to maximize board participation and increase board effectiveness.

Interview with Denise Harlow: Nonprofit Quarterly

Denise Harlow is the Chief Executive Officer of the Community Action Partnership. The Community Action Partnership is a national, nonprofit organization that works to strengthen, promote, represent and serve its network of member Community Action Agencies (CAAs) to assure that the issues of poverty are effectively presented and addressed.

Videos from Community Action’s 50th Anniversary Convention!

Don’t miss these inspirational videos: (1) Beyond These Hills featuring a conversation between Sargent Shriver, the first director of the federal Office of Economic Opportunity (OEO), and evangelist Billy Graham, (2) The Spirit Moving – Community Action in Flight from 1964-2014 – keynote address by Juan Williams, honorary CCAP, commentator and author, (3) A Conversation with Sister Simone Campbell: Leading the Way for the 100%, and (4) Robert Egger’s Leadership Day keynote address.

Certified Community Action Professional Program

The Community Action Partnership offers the Certified Community Action Professional (CCAP) program for Community Action leaders dedicated to creating more opportunities for their agency and to enhancing their leadership skills.

Rooting Out Poverty: A Campaign by America’s Community Action Network

The Community Action Partnership has issued the Rooting Out Poverty Report to serve as the bedrock of a national campaign with suggested strategies for local action to promote a more just, more economically stable, more future focused national policy that helps people and communities reach their full potential.