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What is VirtualCAP? back to top

Virtual CAP serves as a clearinghouse of information and material that can be used by Community Action Agencies and others to help low-income persons and families move toward self-sufficiency and to reduce poverty in communities across the United States. To find out more, visit About VirtualCAP.

Is there a charge to use VirtualCAP? back to top

There is no charge for most services provided by VirtualCAP such as the resource library which offers program models, organizational tools, sample documents, RPIC news feeds and more. Funding from the federal Office of Community Services helped to establish VirtualCAP as a capacity-building resource for CAAs and related organizations.

In an effort to sustain funding for VirtualCAP, we have added a new annual subscription based publication, VirtualCAP RoundUP, with news and additional resources from around the country. Donations are also greatly appreciated.

What resources are available?  back to top

The site includes descriptions of projects to use as models for development of similar efforts in other communities.  Materials can be downloaded and numerous web site resources are identified that can be used for new or expanded initiatives. Visit the Resource Library for more information.

Are state CAP Association initiatives and documents available?  back to top

A separate page presents State CAP Association Initiatives according to a variety of topics such as:

  • Annual Reports
  • Best Practices Awards, Other CAA Award Programs, and CAA Success Stories
  • CAA Videos - Local CAAs and State CAP Associations
  • Legislative and Advocacy Initiatives
  • Poverty Reports and Related Materials
  • Training and Capacity Building

How can I keep track of updates on VirtualCAP?  back to top

VirtualCAP is updated on a regular basis. To keep track of updates, you can follow us on Twitter, Facebook or subscribe to our RSS news feed.

Submitting programs or material to Virtual CAP  back to top

Virtual CAP is not intended to be an exclusive listing of only a limited amount of items and it is certainly an ongoing work in progress. Local CAA initiatives have been identified through review of CAA web sites and contacts at CAP conferences.  If you would like to be featured on VirtualCAP, please contact us to discuss initiatives that could be considered for Virtual CAP.