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The Community Action Risk Mitigation Blog Series: #8

“Must Have” Financial Information for CAA Boards and CEOs – A CAA’s Balance Sheet and Organization-wide Revenue and Expenses statement provide essential info your organization’s sustainability, compliance, and risks. Learn how to find the info jewels on your financials and how to clear away the clutter than can make them hard to see and understand. Also access the webinar recording on CSBG Organizational Category 8: Financial Operations and Oversight.

The Community Action Risk Mitigation Blog Series: #7

Fiscal Fundamentals for Executive Directors covers the basic things an Executive Director needs to know about their role in the fiscal leadership of an organization. Though specifically addressed to Executive Directors/CEOs, it provides a good overview for any CAA leader looking to learn more about fiscal matters.

The Community Action Risk Mitigation Blog Series: #6

Collaboration Checkup: Assessing & Improving Your Community Partnerships is a toolkit developed to help the Community Action Network better understand the functioning of partnerships so they can more effectively develop and nurture those that have a measurable impact in local communities. – pertains to CSBG Organizational Standard 2.1.

The Community Action Risk Mitigation Blog Series: #4

HR Policy Pushup – Webinar recording covers the building blocks of an effective Policy and Procedures Manual, which creates the foundation of efficient HR management and execution. Use the Community Action Risk Management Portal to access more than 100 HR Policy Templates that can be customized for use by your agency.