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The Community Action Risk Mitigation Blog Series: #6

Collaboration Checkup: Assessing & Improving Your Community Partnerships is a toolkit developed to help the Community Action Network better understand the functioning of partnerships so they can more effectively develop and nurture those that have a measurable impact in local communities. – pertains to CSBG Organizational Standard 2.1.

Help Families Earn It! Keep It! Grow It!

Rural Family Economic Success – Help Families Earn It! Keep It! Grow It! – This special edition of the Feature of the Month highlights a new website – rufes.org – and the RuFES Action Network offering innovative ideas, stimulating stories, useful data and solid rural-focused opportunities, to help community leaders, practitioners and policymakers find better answers to the following question: “How can we help hard-working rural families who are struggling to get ahead EARN MORE, KEEP MORE of what they earn, and GROW IT into assets over time?”