About VirtualCAP

VirtualCAP, a project of the Connecticut Association for Community Action (CAFCA) in partnership with Susanne Kenney (learn more about Sue below), is an online resource for Community Action Agencies (CAAs) across the United States. VirtualCAP contains a job board, a discussion forum, a monthly publication called the VirtualCAP RoundUp, and additional resources. The site serves as not only a resource of information but as a place to generate ideas and innovative thinking.

VirtualCAP launched in 2002 thanks to the support of several national Community Action partners. The project was initially created by Ken Ackerman and administered by the Virginia Community Action Partnership until 2014, then by the Ohio Association of Community Action Agencies from 2015-2017. CAFCA has been the host of VirtualCAP since 2018.

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History of VirtualCAP

Virtual CAP began through discussions with National Community Action Partnership, National Association for State Community Services Programs and National Community Action Foundation. The Office of Community Services (U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Administration for Children and Families) provided funding to start Virtual CAP in August 2002 and continued with operating supporting for several years.

The project was initially administered by the Virginia Community Action Partnership from 2002-2014. The Ohio Association of Community Action Agencies hosted the project from 2015-2017. And in 2018, CAFCA became the home for VirtualCAP.


What is VirtualCAP? 

VirtualCAP serves as a clearinghouse of information and resources for Community Action Agencies, State Associations, and others across the country working to improve their communities and help their customers reach self-sufficiency.

Is there a charge to use VirtualCAP?

Yes, most VirtualCAP resources are only accessible for organizations who have subscribed to VirtualCAP. A subscription costs $150 per year and includes access to discussion forums, a monthly publication called the VirtualCAP RoundUp, and additional resources such as annual reports. VirtualCAP subscribers also have the ability to post jobs to the job board. Viewing the job board, however, is free of charge.

How do I submit programs or material to VirtualCAP?

VirtualCAP is not intended to be an exclusive listing of only a limited number of items and it is certainly an ongoing work in progress. If you would like to help us build out our content and be featured on VirtualCAP, please use this form to share your ideas and initiatives.


Susanne Kenney, MA, Editor/Administrator, VirtualCAP

Susanne began her career with Community Action in the late ’90s as an Education Manager. She then became Director of an Early Childhood Development program before moving into the role of Director of Planning and Director of Research, Development and Planning at two different Community Action Agencies (CAAs).

Susanne has provided Planning and Development consultation services to various Connecticut CAAs for the past 17 years. She enjoys being part of the development of staff’s skills in serving customers to reach their greatest levels of self-sufficiency. Susanne holds an undergraduate degree in Sociology/Human Services as well as an MA in Human Service Administration from Antioch New England’s School of Organization and Management. Susanne lives in Connecticut with her husband, two daughters, her dog, Abbie, and several chickens.

Susanne is excited to continue to provide resources and information to the Community Action Network through VirtualCAP.