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DEI Insights – December 2021
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Declaring Racism as a Public Crisis — A CAAP Special Report

How Poverty, Racism, and Public Health Intersect
Racism has existed in America for hundreds of years, so why is it suddenly a public health crisis?  What role do Community Action Agencies play in helping communities link racial disparities and public health?  As more counties and states take steps to declare racism a public health crisis, CAAP interviews state and local officials in Pennsylvania to examine the pros and cons of the declaration strategy and uncover if such a declaration is likely to happen here.

Access the report, which includes video links and graphics.

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Community Action CEO Jerome Underwood to Provide Keynote Address
Jerome Underwood, CEO of Action for a Better Community in Rochester, N.Y., talks about the importance of diversity, equity and inclusion in addressing poverty and inequity.  Join CAAP as we convene DEI leaders and practitioners across PA for a two-day conversation on ways to deepen DEI practices across the state. This event is free and open to the public.

CAAP 2022 Statewide DEI Summit
Join the Community Action Association of Pennsylvania on Feb. 15 & 16 as we bring together leaders and partners of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion for a 2-day statewide summit on how Pennsylvanian residents, businesses, and communities can collaborate to support DEI initiatives and practices.

This Month in DEI — Forbes Magazine Report: Barriers to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Leadership Barriers Hurt DEI Success
According to Forbes Magazine, there are three barriers that prevent organizations from achieving success within DEI:

1. Leaders Who Undermine DEI Initiatives
2. Negative Attitudes From Top Leaders
3. Not Elevating DEI to a Business Initiative

There are ways to address all of these.  Read this Forbes Report on how to address DEI barriers within your organization.

Senior Director's Message

January is Poverty In America Awareness Month
Chronic hunger, homelessness, lack of access to education and other basic services are just some of the many manifestations of poverty in America.  Included among all of these ills is restricted access to the Democratic process, which ensures equal rights for all U.S. citizens.  More than 40 million Americans live in poverty.

Community Action Agencies across Pennsylvania and across the country work tirelessly every day to help lift people out of poverty.  In recognition of National Poverty in America Awareness Month, join CAAP by supporting Community Action agencies that are making a difference in the fight to stamp out poverty.  To hear the many stories of Community Action and to learn about the Community Action Agency near your community, visit our web site at www.thecaap.org and learn how you, too, can make a difference.

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