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2021 Statewide Mid-Fall Hybrid Training Conference – SCACAP and SCSHSA

South Carolina Association of Community Action Partnerships
South Carolina State Head Start Association

2021 Statewide Mid-Fall Hybrid Training Conference

November 1-4

Conference web page

Conference agenda

Conference Sessions

Pre-conference sessions: Monday, November 1

• Employees Are Your Number One Priority
• CSBG/LIHEAP Roundtable Part 1 (Directors Only)
• CSBG/LIHEAP Roundtable Part 2 (Case Managers, Intake, etc.)
• Head Start Monitoring Protocol: Focus Area Two Review
• CCAP 101: So, You Want to Become a Certified Community Action Professional (CCAP)?
• OMB changes to the Uniform Guidance! Some Good, Some Bad and Some Ugly!
• Radon Certification Training

Regular sessions: Monday, November 1 – Thursday, November 4
Several general sessions are being held along with nineteen additional workshops – see conference agenda for listing of each session including presenters and descriptions

Awards & Recognition Luncheon & Success Stories
South Carolina CAA & HS staff professionals will be recognized for receiving the following awards during year 2021:

• Certified Community Action Professional (CCAP)
• Results-Oriented Management & Accountability (ROMA)
• SC Head Start Awards

During the Awards & Recognition session, attendees will have the opportunity to listen to the Success Stories from Our Customers highlighting best practices and results of services that led to self-sufficiency of consumers.

Closing Plenary: Thursday, November 4

• SC Housing Update
• Regional Head Start Updates



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