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DEI Insights, September 2021 – CAAP

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Building Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

DEI Insights – September 2021
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Community Conversation on DEI
CAAP Special Event, September 28th from 2:00-3:30 PM EDT
Join Community Action Agencies across Pennsylvania for a lively conversation about Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) and the role Community Action Agencies can play in advancing social justice issues across the state. We will have a short review on the history of race and social justice within Community Action.  Afterwards, Agency CEOs, EDs, Board Members, and Community Action advocates will discuss new initiatives to bring justice to those who face obstacles of poverty. A conversation with attendees will round out the event. The webinar will be hosted by Winslow Mason, CAAP’s Senior Director for Strategic Change.

This event is for Community Action CEO/EDs, Staff and Board Members only. We will direct anyone outside of Community Action to our planned CAAP Statewide DEI Summit in February 2022 (more info on that next month).  For more info, contact Winslow Mason, at winslow@thecaap.org.

CAAP Community Conversation on DEI

Understanding Gender Pronouns and Why We Use Them

In this CAAP DEI Quick Clip, we examine the growing use of gender pronouns in the ever-changing world of gender identity.  Proper use of gender pronouns is important as Community Action Agencies strive to be more inclusive.  There are also steps Agencies can take to create more welcoming environments and to encourage people to be more open about their identity.  View our Quick Clip about the proper use of gender pronouns and visit our web site to learn more about other webinars, programs, and DEI trainings CAAP offers.

DEI Quick Clip

CAAP Helps Agencies Expand DEI Initiatives

Community Action Association of Pennsylvania is committed to supporting Community Action Agencies in Pennsylvania in their quest to foster a more equitable and inclusive workplace and community. For more information about how CAAP can support your agency, visit our DEI web pages and follow us on Facebook or Twitter.

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