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Agency Spotlights, August 2021 – CAAP

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Agency Spotlights – August 2021
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Client Success Story: A Tool Shed Offers Shelter in a Domestic Violence Situation

Spotlight On Northern Tier Community Action Corporation
Finding a Place to Live: A True Story about a Mother's Determination
Hope is a 34 year-old mother of 6 year-old Summer and was in a domestic violence situation. Hope fled, but had literally no place to go except a tool shed owned by her friend. She left having only food stamps and Medicaid health insurance. To compound the matter, Hope suffers from Multiple Sclerosis and often finds herself stricken by flare ups that prevent her from maintaining tasks of daily living...
"When she came to Northern Tier Community Action Corporation (NTCAC), she was in survival mode. She had all of her possessions and a make-shift bed in the tool shed behind a friend’s mobile home trailer," shares Jim Line, NTCAC Program Manager.

With NTCAC's help, Hope provided documentation, photos and other proof of her homeless situation to enter the Emergency Solutions Grants Program.  A local landlord also witnessed the situation, and was quite concerned for them.  Within a week of coming to NTCAC, Hope and the landlord were able to work on a lease within the fair market value...As of this writing, Hope is once again working and able to provide both food and shelter for her daughter. NTCAC's partnership with Hope continues as the staff places her in contact with other local supports to assist her as needed.

Partnership Success Story

Spotlight On Allegheny County Department of Human Services in partnership with the Human Services Center Corporation
The Supports for Success Program: Two mothers share their stories of why Community Action and the program have been vital on their journeys to self-sufficiency
The Supports for Success Program...provides participants with one-on-one case management, employment and education support services. They also provide resources and referrals that assist in increasing self-sufficiency through the achievement of educational, employment, housing, financial, and other identified goals...

She'Cholle's Video Story: A Testimony of Resiliency & Effort
She'Cholle is single mother of three children, two with disabilities to manage on a daily basis. She is a full-time college student who also works full-time, receiving ongoing emotional and mental health support from her Supports For Success Program Support Specialist.  She'Cholle, like many of us, have been put to the test during this COVID-19 pandemic. Throughout her journey to become self-sufficient, she has received help from Community Action with utilities, rent, clothing and emergency medical care, in addition to the supportive counseling...

Watch She'Cholle's video testimony

Keonna's Video Story: A Testimony of Strength & Hope
Keonna's inability to work outside of the home with her children home- schooling negatively impacted her finances, like many Pennsylvanians this past year.  She first approached the Allegheny Community DHS Community Action Agency for pandemic grants to pay utilities, but feels they provided so much more.  They helped her obtain free local hot spots and a laptop that allowed her to half her Internet bill, look for employment and train herself on computer skills.  Keonna feels like she gained a Life Coach through partnering with her Community Action Agency...

Watch Keonna's video testimony

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