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July 2021 Newsletter – IACAA

Illinois Association of Community Action Agencies

IACAA News – July 2021
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SB265 Has Been Signed Into law!

Governor Pritzker has signed SB265 into law. SB265 will expand access to and improve the Percentage of Income Payment Program (PIPP). This is a huge win for the agencies and most importantly the low-income energy assistance customers that they serve – see newsletter to learn what SB265 will do including increasing funding for the program by 1/3 each year until the funding is double the current amount and permanently increasing the eligibility threshold to 200 percent of Federal Poverty Level (or 60% of area median income), split benefits evenly between gas and electricity to more accurately reflect average utility expenses throughout the year, more fully compensate CAAs to that work to ensure PIPP customers' successful participation in the program...

IACAA Family and Community Development Specialist Recertification Training

August 24, 2021
    • Exploring the fixing mindset and resetting yourself
·   • Coaching skills and the value of focus
·   • Pandemic leaning and learning

August 25, 2021
• Trauma and relationships
• Bundled services – beyond central intake
• ROMA reminders

Professional Development Updates

As we move forward in 2021, we are working on several fronts to bring professional development opportunities to the Illinois network. :

  1. We are exploring the possibility of bringing back the Certified Public Manager training.
  2. We are finalizing the training and technical assistance contract with DCEO. Some of the highlights will include the ongoing webinar series (look for some changes), trainings focused on organizational leadership (IM 138), and an examination of equitable practices.
  3. CCAP is starting back up again with gratitude for the intrepid Charles McCann, CCAP emeritus. He is offering hybrid sessions, i.e. both in person and remote.
  4. Do not forget about ROMA! Contact IACAA to schedule a ROMA training or to learn about becoming a certified ROMA professional
  5. Data! Carli Wiltsie is IACAA’s data wiz. Please reach out to her for assistance and guidance with your data questions, needs and technical assistance.
  6. Family and Community Development Specialist is coming soon.
  7. Finally, IACAA does offer board trainings (both public and private), learning opportunities focused on poverty awareness, trauma informed practices and whole family.
Illinois CAA Job Openings

Our job posting page is updated frequently with current featured job offerings from our agencies.

IACAA Chats with Tami Foley, The New Executive Director of Mid Central Community Action

The Mid Central Community Action Board of Directors has announced the unanimous approval of the appointment of Tami Foley as MCCA’s new Executive Director effective August 2, 2021.  Following the sudden loss of Executive Director, Deborah White, IACAA sat down to have a candid conversation with Tami on continuing a legacy as the successor of Deborah White – see newsletter for Q&A with Tami Foley.


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