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Building Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

DEI Insights – July 2021
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NCAP Declares Racism a Public Health Crisis

The Equity and Economic Mobility Commission of the National Community Action Partnership on June 22 declared racism a public health crisis, paving the way for Community Action Agencies across the country to make similar declarations as a comprehensive strategy to address poverty.  Read NCAP's June 22 declaration.  To learn how to declare racism a public health crisis in your community, view NCAP's Racism Declaration Resource Guide.  Watch NCAP's June 30 meeting on Racism and Health Equity in Community Action to learn why the decision was made. NCAP also has developed e-learning courses on race equity for CAA members who want continuing education credits. Log in or create an account to enroll in NCAP's Advancing Race Equity Course Curriculum.

CAAP Launches New Web Pages to Support DEI

CAAP this month launched a new section of our website to support diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives for our members.  Our Equity DEI section includes a toolkit where members can access resources, learning modules for members to increase diversity training, and a calendar to learn about upcoming CAAP DEI events.  Our website also includes our library of DEI newsletters and short videos on DEI topics, such as reducing bias or increasing LGBTQ awareness. We also explore national and statewide DEI-related news topics to increase our members' understanding of the fast-changing landscape related to DEI.

CAAP DEI Quick Clip: What are Microaggressions?

Sometimes we can hurt or insult people without realizing it.  Join CAAP this month as we explore Microaggressions and Microinsults.  As we strive to become a more inclusive community, it's important that we put our biases, prejudices' and preconceived notions aside. Microinsults and Microaggressions occur when we forget to check our biases at the door.  This month's DEI Quick Clip explores this topic and provides resources to help you learn more.

CAAP Survey: DEI Training Needs

T&TA Needs Survey Results
Thanks to everyone who completed CAAP's recent Training and Technical Assistance Survey, including the section on diversity, equity and inclusion.  The most requested DEI topic among survey respondents was Equity vs. Equality.  Recognizing and understanding implicit bias also ranked high among training categories, followed by topics related to systemic racism.  The most requested delivery method for training was webinars, followed by large group meetings.  Thank you to everyone who participated in the survey.  The results will help us meet your needs.

Community Action Conversation on DEI Coming Soon!

Join Community Action Agencies across Pennsylvania on September 28th for a lively conversation about diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) and the role Community Action Agencies play in advancing social justice issues across the state.  We will hear from Agency leaders, board members, and longtime advocates of Community Action on the history of race and justice within Community Action and on what new initiatives are underway to bring justice to those who continue to face issues of poverty.  The event will be hosted by Winslow Mason, CAAP’s Senior Director for Strategic Change.  Registration for this virtual event opens August 16.

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