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June 2021 Newsletter – NYSCAA

New York State Community Action Association

NYSCAA newsletter - June 2021
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A Word from NYSCAA’s CEO
I am excited to announce that the Call for Proposals for NYSCAA and NYSWDA's 2021 Annual Conference is currently available. The conference will be held virtually on October 6th, 12th, & 14th...

Other items: (1) NASCSP has published the 2018 CSBG National Performance Update [scroll down].  This is the first national report based on the data collected from Modules 1-4 of the CSBG Annual Report and (2) NYSCAA welcomes new board members.

Additional featured items

Highlights from Our Agencies
  • Action for a Better Community challenged their staff to put a design twist on the Huggy Heart during Community Action Month
  • Oswego County Opportunities Cancer Prevention in Action program has recognized the Oswego City-County Youth Bureau County Parks and Recreation department as a “Community Champion” for its efforts to raise awareness of skin cancer and the importance of sun safety – read the news article.
  • Tompkins Community Action's 2021 Victory Garden Project was a success!
Monthly’s Myth Series

MYTH: Homosexuality is a choice. – FALSE!
FACT: Homosexuality is caused by factors such as genetics and the biology of brain development.

Read about this and other commonly misrepresented LGBTQ+ myths from the Strong Family Alliance: Myths That Stigmatize LGBTQ People.

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