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Building Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

DEI Insights – June 2021
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CAAP Hosts First DEI Learning Lab

CAAP and the Alliance for a Just Society held a forum on Tuesday, June 15th on how to implement a DEI Action Plan.  This interactive dialogue considered the challenges and opportunities leaders are facing in integrating DEI within their agencies.  The discussion gave insight to the best strategies for success.

View video of the DEI Action Plan Learning Lab.

Critical Race Theory Debate Heats Up

Meet Kimberlé Crenshaw, one of the pioneers of Critical Race Theory.  Critical Race Theory supports the premise that race is not natural but rather a social construct used to oppress people of color.  To understand the roots of Critical Race Theory, view Crenshaw's Ted talk on Intersectionality.  To understand her response to the growing debate over critical race theory, watch her recent CNN interview.  Stay tuned!

New Project Examines Structural Racism

Join the Othering and Belonging Institute on Tuesday, June 22, 12pm-3pm, for a half-day forum with fair housing advocates and leading race and housing scholars from across the United States for the unveiling of "The Roots of Structural Racism."   This project details how widespread and harmful racial residential segregation remains today, why it matters, who it impacts, and what can be done to reverse this dangerous trend and promote integration.

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The Roots of Structural Racism

DEI Agency Spotlight

CAPLanc Uses Video To Create Inclusive Workplace
The Community Action Partnership of Lancaster County used a diversity video by renowned DEI Consultant Jennifer Brown to create an environment where employees and staff are free to bring their "full" selves into the workplace.  More than 350 CAPLanc staff watched the video on Zoom.  CAPLanc plans to launch a DEI Task Force this summer and hire a DEI consultant to deepen the agency's strategies around equity and diversity.  "As leaders, we have to make sure we are creating an environment for our staff and our customers to be their full selves," said CAPLanc CEO Vanessa Philbert.

View Jennifer Brown's video
How Diversity and Inclusion will Drive Workplaces

June is Pride Month

CAAP Celebrates Pride Month
Join health equity leaders across the state on Monday, June 21 for an enlightening session on the intersections of health, housing, and equity for LGBTQ Pennsylvanians.

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From Health to Housing: Achieving equity for LGBTQ+ Pennsylvanians

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