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May 2021 Newsletter – IN-CAA

Indiana Community Action Association

IN-CAA Newsletter – May 2021

NWICA finds fun ways to keep staff and community engaged

Find out what the Wellness and Activity Team is doing to keep staff and the community healthy, happy and engaged – read the article.

Head Start parent leads the way for advocacy

Her son was diagnosed with a speech disorder through the services at Head Start.  Then Danielle set out to educate others about childhood apraxia of speech.  Hear her story– read the article.

Pace announces scholarship winners

Two graduating high school seniors were awarded with the Judith K. Bobe Scholarship.  Hear what the winners plan to do next– read the article.

LHDC recognizes Employee of the Year

Find out why Christy Woods was recognized for excellent service by the LHDC board at its annual meeting – read the article.

Congratulations to Erika Ortiz!

CAPWI recognizes this Head Start teacher for receiving her associate degree in early childhood education – read the article.


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