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2021 Annual Conference (virtual) – Missouri CAN

Missouri Community Action Network

Annual (Virtual) Conference

May 25-27

Conference web page

Special Activities
  • Behind the Scenes: The Making of Conference (Tuesday)
  • Conference Opening and Keynote Speaker (Tuesday)
    Cecilia Belser-Patton, Principle and Culture Curator, JUST Systems & Director of Leadership Development at Alive & Well Communities
  • Conference Insights and Daily Overview (Wednesday)
  • Reflections and Next Steps organized by region (Wednesday)
  • Conference Insights and Daily Overview (Thursday)
  • Behind the Scenes: Community and History (Thursday)
  • Conference Closing and Awards

Use the link for each group of workshops for presenters and descriptions of each session

Tuesday morning, May 25 (scroll down for workshops)

  • Innovation and Impact in Community Action: Empowering Families and Building an Effective Network for Change
  • Ethics in Weatherization
  • New Challenges in Federal Funds Management
  • Refrain and Initiate: A toolbox for working with stressed, aggressive clients and/or clients suffering from mental illness
  • Implementation and Strategies for Building Strong Classrooms, Families, and Communities Using Conscious Discipline

Wednesday morning, May 26

  • The Work Must Continue
  • SIMPLE Succession Planning
  • Advancing Rural Communities Through Partnership
  • Using ROMA for Continuous Improvement
  • ‘It just seems so hard.’ Why aren’t we doing Module 3 community work?

Wednesday afternoon, May 26

  • The Power of Play, Presence, and Imagination
  • Hiring Revolution!
  • Continuing Education: Assisting Participants Post SkillUp
  • A Shot in the Arm or a Shot in the Foot? Considerations for Vaccine Policies and Employee Leave in the COVID-19 Pandemic
  • USDA 502 Direct Loan Packaging

Thursday morning, May 27

  • I am because we are… but what do ‘they’ see? Overcoming barriers and revealing hidden treasures to attract fresh talent
  • The Gift of Trauma-Informed Care
  • Moving from Meeting to Exceeding: The Organizational Standards and the Standards of Excellence
  • Human Resources Trends & Considerations for the Future
  • Media 101: Getting the media to work for you


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