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May 2021 Newsletter – MCAP

Maryland Community Action Partnership

MCAP News – May 2021
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CAA Success

Meet Mike: A Community Action Success Story
Mike, a former Opportunity WORKS participant whose life journey transformed from that of Misguidance & Misconduct to Meaning & Motivation. Now, a Human Services Programs of Carroll County job coach and soon-to-be homeowner, Mike whole-heartedly exemplifies HOPE, CHANGE and OPPORTUNITY! And today, he continues to use these three principles to help others – view Mike’s brief video testimonial.

MCAP Events

Let’s Celebrate Community Action Month
PLAY TO WIN (free registration): Community Action Trivia every Tuesday & Thursday [Enter Game Code: OAKQM]
Test your Community Action knowledge for a chance to win some awesome prizes!  The top 3 winners will be announced on May 27th at MCAP’s Community Action Month Symposium!

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MCAP’s Social Justice Committee
The MCAP Social Justice Committee is expanding amidst growing need.  We are Interested in assessing the network’s interests and developing resources toward information sharing, political advocacy, and needs-based pilot programs.

MCAP Masterclass:  New Courses Now Available
Coaching the Whole Family Approach Masterclass (registration required) – Holistic Coaching seeks to build a long-term relationship between the service provider and the family.  Facilitated by experts from Garrett County Community Action, this Masterclass will provide insights into why the coaching model is  preferred with the Whole Family Approach and demonstrate best practices to support front line  coaches who work directly with families.

MCAP Webinar
American Rescue Plan Across Community Needs, May 14

Tips & Tools

COVID-19: Community Action Responded Quickly in the Early Days of the Pandemic
The National Community Action Partnership is excited to share that they have added a new section to their website that includes their new report on Community Action's response to the early days of the pandemic as well as several statewide and local reports.

Worthwhile Webinars
Best Practices in Emergency Assistance

The National Low Income Housing Coalition and the National League of Cities has released How to Establish and Improve Emergency Rental Assistance Programs: Suggestions for State, Local, Tribal, and Territorial Elected Officials, a resource outlining key principles of a model emergency rental assistance (ERA) program and examples of how localities have successfully incorporated these principles into their programs.  The recommendations and examples identified are based on NLIHC’s ongoing tracking and analysis of nearly 900 state and local emergency rental assistance programs.


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