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The Pursuit of Fairness is “Three Things in One”

How To Make A Difference: A review of Alan Jennings’ The Pursuit of Fairness
Agent Palmer – This book is three things in one.  It’s an activist’s manifesto describing the thoughts and some of the actions that Alan Jennings has had that have cultivated his activist’s mentality; it is a memoir describing his assault on problems within his own community that has fed his activism; and it is a how-to manual for running, creating, and even just working for or volunteering at a non-profit organization.

All three of those things are what makes The Pursuit of Fairness: Fighting for What’s Right in a World That’s So Wrong by Alan Jennings a heavy and yet still entertaining book to read and learn from…


Don’t miss this high praise from:

Charlie Dent, CNN Commentator and Former U.S. Representative (R-PA)

David M. Erdman, Former editor-in-chief, The Morning Call, Allentown, PA

David Bradley, Executive Director, National Community Action Foundation

John Taylor, President and CEO, National Community Reinvestment Coalition

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