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April 2021 Newsletter – Region I RPIC

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Region 1 Reports – April 21, 2021
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Conversation One: Cybersecurity and Data Protection

The privacy and security concerns of CAAs are constantly evolving and changing. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, the pace of this change intensified, posing unique legal and technological challenges to CAAs, and raising important questions that CAAs will continue to grapple with even after the pandemic.

This conversation is a part of CAPLAW's four-part series, "Community Action Conversations with Experts: Privacy and Technology in a Post-Pandemic World."  During each 45-minute session, participants will engage with experts to explore answers to pressing questions, discuss shared experiences, and learn collaboratively.  This is your chance to ask the expert any and all questions you might have about cybersecurity and data protection.


Raising and Preserving the Low-Income Voice: Adapting to the Pandemic

The CAA tripartite board is a critical venue for achieving the “maximum participation” of the low-income community in the poverty-fighting work of Community Action.  But despite the importance placed on the low-income sector of the board, there is relatively little federal law that addresses the recruitment and election of board members using democratic selection procedures.  CAPLAW's series of case studies, Raising the Low-Income Voice: Case Studies in Democratic Selection Procedures, sought to address this gap by profiling innovative and responsive practices at CAAs across the country and providing sample materials that could be used and adapted to meet the needs of other agencies.

Achieving Equitable Outcomes for Families Learning Communities Group

The Community Action Partnership's Learning Communities Resource Center is accepting applications for their Achieving Equitable Outcomes for Families Learning Community Group (LCG). Participants will engage in an intensive process over the course of 6-12 months to understand and learn how to facilitate Racial Healing Circles more deeply...

More information and application form

Community Action Month Toolkit

The Community Action Partnership's 2021 Community Action Month Toolkit is out now! Access sample graphics, social media messages, press release and CAM proclamation templates and more!

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