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April 2021 Newsletter – MCAP

Maryland Community Action Partnership

MCAP News – April 2021
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CAA Success

Harford Community Action Agency is on the Move
Harford Community Action Agency's new mobile outreach vehicle is officially finished and ready to serve the residents of Maryland…

MCAP Events

MCAP’s Rescue and Relief Act Webinar Series & Toolkits
Upcoming webinars:
Real Talk: Debunking COVID Vaccination Myths and Addressing Historical Factors of Vaccine Hesitancy (April 14) – Economic Relief and Taxes (April 15) – Post COVID: Strategic Planning is even more important during these crazy times (April 23) – Food Insecurity: The expansion of nutrition assistance to help address hunger and hardship (April 29)

Earned Income Tax Credit: 2021 Fact Sheet – Outreach Tookit

COVID-19 Vaccinations
MCAP COVID-19 Vaccine Fact Sheets: MDDEDC
CAA COVID-19 Vaccine GuidelinesOCS Vaccination Guidance

MCAP Community Action Month Symposium, May 26-27
Symposium website
Sessions focus on the following topics: Community Action Essentials – Racial Equity – Emergency Preparedness – Two-Generation/Whole Family – Policy/Legislation Updates – Technology/Data

Network News
  • Emergency Rental Assistance Program. New U.S. Treasury Department Guidance!
  • Vaccination Outreach and Awareness: CAAs Next Steps
  • EITC & Child Tax Credit Expansion
Tips & Tools

Two Multicomponent Intervention Recommendations to Increase Appropriate Vaccinations
Learn what the Community Preventive Services Task Force says about increasing vaccination rates. The Task Force's latest evidence-based recommendations and findings highlight several settings and approaches to consider for implementation of programs, services, and policies to increase vaccination rates….

Critical Time Intervention for Rapid Re-Housing
CTI-RRH Resource Page – Critical Time Intervention for Rapid Re-Housing (CTI-RRH) is a time-limited evidence-based practice that mobilizes support for vulnerable individuals during periods of transition. The CTI-RRH model facilitates housing stability, community integration, and continuity of care, and has been successful in supporting the return to housing for people with serious mental illness, people experiencing homelessness, veterans, and many other groups…

Worthwhile Webinars


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