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50th Anniversary Conference (virtual) – IACAA

Illinois Association of Community Action Agencies

50th Anniversary Conference

May 3-4

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2021 is a year of celebration, marking the 50th anniversary of the Association.  It is also marks a year of both daunting challenges and remarkable opportunities.  It is a vivid reminder that we must continue to learn from our past and connect it to our future – ensuring that our collective mission of “Helping People. Changing Lives” continues.

General Sessions

Opening Session Speaker, May 3
Raychel McBride is a 10-year Human Resources professional advocating for diversity using data.  She is the CEO of Corporate KIN Diversity Strategies where she uses essential skills such as empathy, accountability, and long-term strategy to create culture transformation...

50th Anniversary Session, May 4
50th Anniversary Video/Panel


Six workshop tracks are being offered – see conference agenda for schedule of each session

Community Development

  • Affordable housing and the impacts of COVID
  • Affordable housing and racial equity done to avoid a repeat of the past
  • Resources and Tools for Implementing financial education counseling programs
  • CAPCIL Session: Garbage in, Garbage out


  • A new perspective in 2021
  • Finding and igniting your purpose
  • Effective Leadership
  • Leadership practices during a crisis

Operations Support

  • COVID Finance and funding
  • Wipfli: HR in a time of crisis
  • Program and Fiscal working together
  • HR Management

Mission Connection

  • Community Action Partnership: Applying the Racial Equity Lens to this Moment
  • Community Action Partnership: Trauma-informed care for your staff during the pandemic
  • CAPCIL Session: Mobile Coaching tools for better case management
  • Best Customer service practices


  • Self-Management in the Workplace in a Time of COVID
  • Shifting to a Work from Home Model While Meeting Everyone's Needs
  • Self-care in the workplace to prevent burnout
  • Self-care during COVID


  • Energy Fiscal Session
  • Collaborative procurement
  • Solar for All
  • Ramping Up for increased funding

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