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Agency Spotlights, March 2021 – CAAP

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Agency Spotlights – March 2021
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Agency Partnerships Success Story: Stable Homes and Reliable Vehicles Are Made Possible By BCOC Partnerships During Covid-19

Spotlight On Bucks County Opportunity Council (BCOC)
BCOC has established partnerships with landlords in Bucks County. They recently helped a widowed grandmother facing eviction, with the responsibility of raising grandchildren, secure a stable home.
BCOC received a referral from child welfare for a grandmother raising her three grandchildren at the end of 2020 during the pandemic.  The family was facing eviction from their apartment after the children’s grandfather passed away.  Everything started to pile up quickly and became too much for her to keep up with.  The family received a Family Unification Voucher to help with rental costs going forward, but unfortunately, the landlord could not accept the voucher.

The grandmother was determined to find a home for her grandchildren.  She had many barriers to access housing, including poor credit and family size.  Fortunately, BCOC has a team of Housing Locators who have established relationships with local landlords.  BCOC reached out to one of them, on behalf of the family, for help.  The Housing Locators explained how the Housing Choice Voucher program works and the landlord agreed to give the grandmother, BCOC, and the Housing Choice Voucher Program, a chance...

A successful BCOC partnership with the United Way of Bucks County brought transportation to 3 families on the road to economic self-sufficiency
Three BCOC Economic Self-Sufficiency clients received vehicles courtesy of United Way of Bucks County through a partnership between the two organizations.  It's all part of a "Wheelz2work" program involving Bucks County Community College, Univest Bank and the Gene and Marlene Epstein Humanitarian Fund.  The program continues to seek both good, used automobiles and financial support to help those in need of reliable and safe transportation

Client Success Story: Parents as Teachers Program

Spotlight On Community Action Partnership of Lancaster County (CAPLANC)
Social isolation remains a barrier to hope for many families.  CAPLANC's Parents As Teachers Program continues to virtually move the success of each family member forward, despite that sometimes over-whelming isolation.
Maddie's* Story: A special needs child still needs to develop during Covid-19.  Learn how she manages from home, without in-person supports.  Maddie has been in CAPLANC's Parents As Teachers Program for almost two years. Many families are facing the challenge of teaching their children at home during this pandemic, but imagine facing the challenge at home while raising a special needs child.  Special needs children have a countless variety of factors impacting the stability of homelife and development..

Agency Success Story: Strategies For Pardons, Expungements & Employment

Spotlight On Pittsburgh Community Services, Inc.
PSCI's Pardon Hub advocates for Community Action clients with criminal records through the dedication of people like Kurtis Mennitti, PCSI Job Developer and Re-entrant Specialist.

Approximately 90% of the people in PCSI's Workforce program have a criminal background. Even something as simple as getting a driver’s license for transportation, which keeps them out of even more jeopardy, becomes a challenge. So, when the opportunity to work with the Pardon Project came about, PCSI partnered with them and other organizations to help overcome the barriers to having a criminal background record...

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