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February 2021 Newsletter – MCAP

Maryland Community Action Partnership

MCAP News – February 2021
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Quote for the Month

A life is not important except in the impact it has on other lives
Jackie Robinson

CAA Success

Shelter Suites Offer Safe & Comfortable Space for Homeless Residents
United Communities Against Poverty, Inc. has created a safe and comfortable space for homeless individuals and families residing in Shepherd's Cove Shelter for Women and Children.  Their renovations have provided additional suites to manage the increased need for those seeking shelter…

MCAP Events
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Tips & Tools

Racial Equity Toolkit Updated to Evaluate Vaccinations
The Alliance’s Racial Equity Network has updated its Racial Equity Data Tool to include racial demographics and data points to consider for the vaccination process.

Nonprofit E-book: Ways to respond to COVID-19
Wipfli – E-Book for Nonprofits: Your Next Steps: How nonprofits can respond, recover and revitalize…there are three big areas you can focus on to make an impact on yourself, your organization, your colleagues and your clients…

Preventing Homelessness for Youth and Young Families in Foster Care: FY2021 Updates
NAEH – Many young people who enter homelessness, including young parents with children, do so after exiting foster care. We have an opportunity now to end this trajectory and the disparate impact on Black youth and young parents – read more.


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