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January 2021 Newsletter – NYSCAA

New York State Community Action Association

NYSCAA newsletter - January 2021

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Letter from NYSCAA's CEO
Covers New York’s newest Nationally Certified ROMA Trainers and NYSCAA’s newly formed Social Justice Committee, which is charged with identifying barriers causing inequities in our communities and developing strategies to assist the CAA Network.
Monthly’s Myth Series

MYTH: No one in the United States goes hungry.
FACT: The USDA estimated that 11.1% of US households were food insecure in 2018. This means that approximately 14.3 million households had difficulty providing enough food for all their members due to a lack of resources…

Read more from Poverty USA about the state of poverty in the United States and policies that help.


New York's Community Action Agencies Respond to COVID-19
New York's Community Action Agencies created new programs, adapted to expanding customer needs, and continue to empower individuals and increase community resilience.  They have been on the front lines and will continue to respond to the needs of the individuals and families they serve.

NYSCAA has compiled stories and accounts of the ways CAAs have been meeting community needs – learn more and access the report.

NYSCAA‘s 2020 Annual Report is Now Available
2020 Annual Report, New York State Community Action Association

NYSCAA Resources on COVID-19
State and federal resources and tech resources

Highlights from Our Agencies

Saratoga County Economic Opportunity Council is proud to reintroduce itself as LifeWorks Community Action after 55+ years of dedicated service – visit the updated LifeWorks Community Action website!

Community Action Organization of Western New York has selected Thomas U. Kim as its new President and CEO – read the announcement.

CSBG National Partner Information
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National Professional Development Opportunities

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