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Agency Spotlights, January 2021 – CAAP

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Agency Spotlights – January 2021
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Community Action & Covid-19

We at CAAP commend all our Community Action Agencies, who are working tirelessly to provide as much relief, food distribution, program solutions and education as possible during this pandemic.  This monthly newsletter will share the stories of the progress, successes and impact our Agencies are having, both in response to Covid-19 and to the challenges our individual neighbors & communities face each day.

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Meet Aram, Jessica, and their daughters, Maleah and Aramya

Self Sufficiency and OnTrack Program Clients; Rent Relief Recipients, Tri County Community Actions
SITUATIONAL POVERTY: Combatting The Impact Of Covid-19
Situational poverty has the power to affect anyone in the community. This kind of poverty is typically caused by an unexpected emergency or loss. This could be a serious illness, divorce, death, a vehicle breakdown, or a global pandemic.

Tri County Community Action knew early on in the COVID-19 pandemic that it would be hitting families who were already struggling the most -- but what about families who were just getting by?  Meet Aram, Jessica, and their daughters, Maleah and Aramya. Prior to COVID, their family had financial struggles, but they were able to make ends meet...

Meet Chelsey Sirmons

A Community Action Client & Business Owner, Spotlight On Pittsburgh Community Services, Inc.
PCSI Training & Support Was There When Chelsey Set New Goals For Change
Chelsey Sirmons faced serious personal barriers, back in 2016, when he was connected with Pittsburgh Community Services, Inc. (PCSI) Chelsey was unemployed, required workforce development assistance, was experiencing traumatic physical & mental health issues, had no means of transportation and did have a criminal record. To help him start recovery from his overwhelming situation, he was immediately introduced to PCSI's Case Management, Re-Entrant Services, Training and Workshops, Workforce and Entrepreneurial Skills Development classes...

Stay tuned next month
The February CAAP Update Newsletter will include PCSI's success story with the Pardon Project.  There are 117 PCSI clients with backgrounds, like Chelsey.  Because of the development of the PCSI Pardon Hub, over 50 clients with criminal backgrounds on their records are in the application process for a pardon and expungement.  PCSI will share their partners in the community who help by offering employment...

Meet Alexandria Milano

Youth Enrichment Program Client, Lycoming-Clinton Counties Commission for Community Action (STEP), Inc.
A Life Changed Through Youth Enrichment
When Alexandria entered the Youth Enrichment for Success (YES) Program back in September of 2018, she was a young mother with uncertainty facing her future in several ways.  She shared her personal struggles with completing her education, setting employment goals and her developing personal skills as a new mother with STEP, Inc...

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