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CAA Annual Reports – More than 270 just added!

2019 CAA Annual Reports

CAA Annual Reports

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Highlighting the Work of Community Action!

We've just added a large batch of 2019 annual reports featuring more than 270 reports from 47 States & DC.  Learn about the efforts of CAAs across the United States and get ideas on how your agency might design its next annual report.

Seven annual reports shown above

1) Building Blocks for Success: 2018-2019 Report to the Community, Northern Kentucky Community Action Commission (KY)

2) FY19 Annual Report, Maricopa County Human Services Department (AZ)

3) 2019 Annual Report: Healthy People, Sustainable Communities, Vibrant Cultures, Rural Alaska Community Action Program (AK)

4) Our Brightpoint is You: Annual Report 2019, Brightpoint (IN)

5) 2019 Annual Report, District 4 Human Resource Development Council (MT)

6) Annual Report 2019: Building a stronger way to a stronger community, Community Renewal Team (CT)

7) Realizing visions for tomorrow: Celebrating 55 years - 2019 Annual Report, People, Inc. (VA)



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