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October 2020 Newsletter – NCCAA

North Carolina Community Action Association

NC Empowered – October 2020
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NCCAA Conference is October 28-30

The NCCAA virtual conference is upon us! Join us for a few days of professional panels, presentations and networking! Presentations and panels include topics like housing, social determinants of health, policy updates and more!

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Pre-conference training event
Using ROMA for Continuous Improvement

2020 NCCAA Board Summit
Are you on a board?  Ever have questions about what to do or how you can help your organization?  Then this is the one day summit for you!  Join us on October 27th to learn how to be a better board member while networking and connecting with other board members from across North Carolina…

Returning Citizens and Voting

Many NC returning citizens are able to vote but don't know that they can.  Here are some quick tips on who with a criminal record can vote and where to find more information…

Case Management and Head Start Family Engagement Certifications

NCCAA’s Case Management certification starts October 12 and the next Head Start Family Engagement certification will begin in 2021.

Agency News, Publications and Features
Social Determinants of Health*: Making Every Home a Little Safer

*Social determinants of health is a new buzz word within social services. Social determinants represent factors of our physical, emotional and social environment that have key impacts on our health. In fact, 80% of our health outcomes are determined by where we live, work and play…

This month's feature is Johnston-Lee-Harnett Community Action, which is one of our agencies that provides weatherization and home safety updates to North Carolinians. This work helps create safer homes, which can help reduce medical bills, accidents and safety risks…

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Anastasiya Sushyk, NCCAA Account and Grant Manager

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