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September 2020 Newsletter – Region I RPIC

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Region 1 Reports – September 23, 2020
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Upcoming Region 1 Race & Poverty Listening Session, Oct. 13

The Community Action Partnership just announced that they are hosting a series of regional “Race and Poverty Listening Sessions” next month.  The aim of the regional listening sessions is to listen to the members of our Network by creating an opportunity for local CAA, state, and regional leaders to share stories about their experiences of racial inequities and injustices and their local responses.  This will also be a space for Network leaders to share local and state priority needs that will inspire national, regional, state, and local strategies as we work collectively to build resiliency, power, and social and economic mobility for everyone in our communities.

NEW! Online Community Assessment Tools

The CAP Engagement Network, which is the Community Action Partnership's online community assessment data hub, recently launched some new features and tools:

  • Community Assessment Report Tool with new indicators for education, health impact, built environment and more
  • Housing Assessment Report Tool with targeted look at the housing environment for every county in the U.S.
  • Map Room is a powerful tool to explore needs, vulnerabilities, and assets in your local community
  • COVID-19 CARES Engagement Network Tools and Resources with local community information for your Community Assessment or in response to the COVID-19 crisis
New! Updated Section 4 of Tools for Top-Notch CAAs

In light of the new FASB accounting standards for nonprofit organizations, CAPLAW has issued a newly updated Section 4 of their popular guide, Tools for Top-Notch CAAs: A Practical Approach to Governance and Financial Excellence, focusing on financial statements for board members and management of nonprofit Community Action Agencies (CAAs).  Also check out the new sample financial statements in the Appendix to Section 4.

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