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NEW! CAPLAW's Building Readiness: Reopening Our Doors

CAPLAW's new resource, Building Readiness: Reopening Our Doors Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), helps CAAs address many of the questions they may have as they prepare to reopen.  These question are organized into five sections...

Human Capacity & Community Transformation (HCCT) Messaging

The Center of Excellence on Human Capacity & Community Transformation (HCCT COE) initiative is housed at the Community Action Partnership. HCCT aims to help Community Action Agencies across the country identify, highlight, and support multi-year community transformation efforts that move individuals, families and communities towards improving human capacity, reducing dependency and sustaining self-sufficiency.

The HCCT Messaging Toolkit includes a customizable presentation template, a presenter’s guide for additional tips and talking points, and a document to address FAQs. The toolkit is intended to be used by RPICs and State Associations to communicate the purpose, goals, and process of HCCT to a broader audience including CAA executive directors, staff, board members, and other HCCT stakeholders.

Community Action Partnership's #MyVoiceMatters Webinar Series

Community Action promotes civic engagement that allows every voice to be heard. The #MyVoiceMatters Webinar Series will cover voter registration, public policy, advocacy, redistricting, and more. Join CAP and your colleagues to learn how you can make sure your voice is heard!

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