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August 2020 Newsletter – Missouri CAN

Missouri Community Action Network

Missouri CAN Network Connection – August 2020
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Letter from Missouri CAN Executive Director

Letter from Missouri CAN’s executive director with reflections on passage of Missouri’s special ballot initiative for a constitutional amendment to expand Medicaid eligibility and noting that Medicaid expansion has a high return on investment as it improves states' overall health outcomes and economies.  Expanded Medicaid eventually creates a healthier workforce, which means improved work attendance, improved production, increased revenues for existing businesses, new job creation, and more importantly, it allows for job retention as it becomes a payer source for hospitals. The uncompensated care dollars are drastically reduced, and hospitals can recoup money for services, as they can now bill Medicaid for care that would have been otherwise lost revenue…

NETWORK CAPACITY – Helping you help others

Motivational Interviewing Tips and Tricks
Follow-up from MCAN’s tow-day Motivational Interviewing virtual training

  • The OARS Method from Homeless Hub
    Basic information about the principles on communicating using motivational interviewing
  • That DARN CAT from IRETA
    Method for mobilizing change talk and creating a plan of action. You’ll also find helpful examples and tips to consider
  • Motivational Interviewing Spirit & Skills in Supervision (short video) from the Brown School at Washington University
    For supervisors and leadership team members Highlights ways to incorporate the person-centered approach of Motivational Interviewing for staff development

Additional Items (see newsletter for details)

  • Learning Resources on Missouri CAN University through Moodle
  • Missouri CAN TTA Survey
  • New 2020 CCAP’s in Missouri
  • Community Action Poverty Simulation Training by Missouri CAN, Oct. 18-21
    Contact Evan Melkersman for additional information about the training or CAPS
ADVOCACY – A voice for low-income Missourians

U.S. Census Count Cut Short
The U.S. Census Bureau is ending all counting efforts for the 2020 census on September 30, a month sooner than previously announced…NPR reports that approximately four of 10 households nationwide have still not participated in the constitutionally mandated count of every person living in the U.S., and self-response rates are even lower in many communities.   Check out Missouri’s census response rate here – see newsletter for list of list of things agencies can do to promote increased participation in the 2020 Census.

Additional Items (see newsletter for details)

  • Medicaid Expansion Passes in Missouri
  • Extraordinary Missouri State Legislative Session on Violent Crime
  • H.R. 7328 - The CSBG Enhancement Act
  • The HEALS Act – An Update & Action Alert on the Next COVID-19 Stimulus Package
Missouri CAN CAPACITY – Helping us help you

Featured Items (see newsletter for details)

Community Action Agency Stories - Sharing Your Successes and Innovative Programs

New Community Loan Center Open with SEED$
Southeast Economic Development Fund, Inc. (SEED$), an affiliate of East Missouri Action Agency, recently launched an employer-based small-dollar loan program: Community Loan Center of Southeast Missouri – see newsletter for full story and learn about the Community Loan Center of Southeast Missouri.

Share Your Successes With Us!
How has your agency innovated with programs due to COVID-19? We're assembling stories from all 19 Missouri CAAs to share with legislators, partner organizations, and the general public.  We want to show the world how Community Action is helping people and changing lives during this pandemic – see the online form used to collect stories from Missouri CAAs.


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