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2020 Annual (Virtual) Training Conference – FACA

Florida Association for Community Action

Annual Training (Virtual) Conference

August 12-13

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Special Activities

Conference speakers are also shown for individual sessions through the links for each day.

See a description of each session using the link with the session’s title.  Bios for each session's speakers are found through the link with the speaker’s name.

Wednesday, August 12

Morning sessions

  • LIHEAP Annual Household Report
  • Advocacy
  • Back to the Basics of Governance:  Information Memorandum 82
  • CFCAA Aging in Place Housing Rehabilitation Program (Leveraging WAP Funding)
  • Identifying Burnout and Converting it to High-Quality Performance
  • Impressive Approaches to Great Customer Service
  • NEAT/MHEA Training Progress Report - Part I
  • Allowable Costs, Indirect Cost Rates
  • Employee Motivation
  • Building Staff Capacity in Public CAAs
  • CSBG 101 Orientation
  • Effective Strategies in Grant Writing & Resource Development
  • The Power of Your Local Theory of Change
  • Weatherization 101

Afternoon sessions

  • ASHRAE Roundtable
  • "Stay Calm and Carry On!" COVID-19 Series
  • Getting Ahead in a Just Getting By World
  • Organizational Behavior
  • WAP Program Update
  • Board Recruitment for Public Agencies
  • Strategic Plan For Execution

 Thursday, August 13

Morning sessions

  • FASTRACK Reporting
  • LIHEAP Performance Measures Report
  • NEAT/MHEA Training Progress Report II
  • SHAH Peer-to-Peer Training
  • A Complete Step By Step Guide To Implementing A Successful Case Management Program – PART I
  • COVID-19 Survival Series
  • ASHRAE Roundtable
  • CSBG Organizational Standards Module
  • Utility Vendor Roundtable
  • Community Level Work
  • Leading Cross Sector Alignment to Increase Access to Health and Human Services and to Improve Economic Mobility

Afternoon sessions

  • FASTRACK Reporting
  • Connecting to Improve Our Community
  • A Complete Step By Step Guide To Implementing A Successful Case Management Program - PART II
  • CSBG and Public CAAs – A Focus on Outcomes
  • Why Relationship-Building Matters in 21st Century Leadership

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